Niels Falk 42010


I made a new vid.

With Dori Lehmann, Uli Malende, Niko Wilbert and Nadine Wegner as guestriders. The music is from Fuo (Carca, Zrk)

3:20 was funny :P. Stand up ww on skinny was awesome. Awesome freestyle around 6:00.

You Germans have crazy style, I love it.

Nice video! Really liked the street and flat in the beginning and the thing that looked like the guy was running on his tire. Is there a name for that?

wasn´t it “turkey walk” or something? ^^

I prefer to call it “moon walk” :slight_smile:

As far as I know it was probably invented by Julien Money, but I have no idea how he calls it.

Very entertaining video. Loved the standing WW skinny… Thanks for sharing.

Cool video. I particularly liked the grind tricks and the freestyle.

That was really fun to watch, I liked that you do so much creative stuff. Niko’s balance is really good too.

Nice Style :). I liked the creativ grinds the most.

Thanks for your comments.

Is someone interested in a small convention (20-30 participants) in the Acker pool Co?

Nice to hear that form one of the most creative riders.

Awesome riding. :smiley: :smiley:

I can’t put my finger on it but something kept it from being an amazing vid overall.:o

That was incredible! the standing wheelwalk on the skinny blew me away!

At first I was like… oh god, a 9 minute video.
But I watched it through no problem. It felt like 3 minutes.
A lot of impressive stuff in there! Thanks for posting it!