Nicer uni=faster progress

Hi All,
Thanks to all the inspirational talk about quality unis, I upgraded from a stock Sun 24" to a Nimbus 2 20" with a KH seat and a hookworm wheel from for the purpose of street riding an working on the USA Skill levels.

In ONE hour, I tightened my 360 radius by over 1 foot, went from a hesitant 3 hops to 12 and about an inch higher (Just learning you guys, don’t laugh :wink: …), was able to do the mounts I had learned and looked a lot cooler too! We know how important that is. See picture below.

That’s my son, feeling that his Mom has the coolest (only) uni on the block.

My advice to other low levelers: If you’re convinced you’re going to stick with it. Get the right equipment. I know my new uni isn’t the be-all, but it helps a ton.

I was so excited to try it out I forgot my wrist guard and am now under ice. Dern. I’ll be better tomorrow!


The picture

Here is the picture.


The picture

I can’t get the picture to load. Maybe later. Sorry!


ooooh, that is a pretty uni!
and it sounds like you’re getting better pretty quick…keep it up! sorry to hear about your wrist though…

why thanks! It’s fun to be a geek and feel so cool.

I’ve been playing dodge the beagle with it in the living room since I have ice on, I have to go outside (like it’s any safer inside…). I’ll be in a splint for a few days, but I have full movement, so I’ll be fine.

Mr. Potter: is there a connection between the Nimbus line of Unis and the Nimbus 2000 broom? My son wants to know.


Sounds like you progressing very well! Glad to hear about the new unicycle helping your skill!

hmmm, well, they’re both top of the line uni’s/broomsticks! hehe, but other than that, I don’t think so…

More on Nimbus 2 vs Nimbus 2000

I thought Nimbus had the same etymology as Nimble, but how wrong.

Main Entry: nim·bus
Pronunciation: 'nim-b&s
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural nim·bi /-"bI, -"bE/; or nim·bus·es
Etymology: Latin, rainstorm, cloud; probably akin to Latin nebula cloud – more at NEBULA
1 a : a luminous vapor, cloud, or atmosphere about a god or goddess when on earth b : a cloud or atmosphere (as of romance) about a person or thing
2 : an indication (as a circle) of radiant light or glory about the head of a drawn or sculptured divinity, saint, or sovereign
3 a : a rain cloud b : THUNDERHEAD; also : CUMULUS 2
[nimbus illustration]

Whereas ‘Nimble’ comes from the same root as number, meaning many, controlling many and therefore quick and dextrous.

Which came first, the unicycle or the broom? I wager the author of the Potter storied knew what a Nimbus unicycle was…

Did yours come with the Hookworm tire? My brother got a red Nimbus II 20" and it came with a white Kenda tire.

Upgrading ones unicycle can definitely help a lot. When I switched from a Torker CX 24" to a Nimbus II 24" I started to learn stuff a lot faster.

Hi jsm,
I had them put the hookworm tire on it. They sent the white kenda too becasue I paid for it. The orange and gray does look better than the white in my assessment. I talked with Amy(?)at, she said the next batch of Nimbus unis probably not have white tires, but they haven’t heard much in the way of preference from riders buying the unis. SO SPEAK UP, RIDERS! They are a company that seems to care!

I can’t tell you the difference in ride between a kenda 20" and the hookworm. Maybe there’s a post on it somewhere. My Kenda 24" has corners on it, the hookworm is a torus, a circle in a radial cross section. I sure can feel that diffference, leaning is very free, I don’t have to get over that ridge on the tire.

The tire didn’t cost much on its own, Your bro should pick one up if he likes it and he think it might ride better!