Nice work Tim (dazedNcontused)!

I just saw the photo in the gallery and was very impressed. Keep up the good work!



Thanks, Andrew - now how did you get the picture into your message like that?!

this one seems to be popping up latly.


so who is running these unicycling holidays in iraq?
i suspect this picture is from the unicycle tour of afganistan which i hear wasn’t as succesfull as was at first hoped, you see there were hardly any buildings stading when they started the bombing, so afterwards there was nothing left but desert.

i hear theyre going to turn the who of bagdad into a unicycle trials course.
so its not about oil after all.

I think that’s a still from Goldeneye.

I must watch it again and see if I can see that darn unicyclist…

Don’t forget the Giraffe Brigade

he must be on point,right?

Plane and explosion from Goldeneye; unicyclist from Korea (I think), and Uzi from Die Another Day…


WHAT? You can’t be my brother, you’re not enough of a bond nerd.
The plane is from tomorrow never dies, not goldeneye. It’s in the terrorist arms bazaar before the credits, where the evil techno nerd buys the GPS decoder.
The pre-credits bit in goldeneye is him and evil agent guy running arounf blowing up chemical weapons and abseiling down dams and into toilets.

Tch, some people.


<bangs head against desk repeatedly>

Yes, it is. Erm. I was just checking to see who would notice. Yes. Err.