Nice unicycling video produced for Richardson Bike Mart

Berry Stevenson has produced a good set of cycling videos including one about a local unicyclist here in Dallas. They’re sort of inspirational ads for Richardson Bike Mart. The unicycling one is really well done, so I thought I’d post it here.

That video was very well put together. The filming and editing were really nice and smooth, and the interview was good too.

That’s a great video. Thank’s for sharing.

Nice video, and he’s riding an Oregon!!

So where does Darrel ride? Is a forum member?

Darrell rides all over. I think the unicycle is his primary mode of transportation. He has put a lot of miles on his unis. I’ve done a couple of muni rides with him. He knows the trails in the area really well.

As far as I know he isn’t a forum member, but you never can tell.