Nice Unicycle Photo in Dirt Rag Magazine

I just got this month’s Dirt Rag Magazine in the mail, and it has a nice photo of me and one of my nephews riding a trail up above Palo Alto, CA.



I know, when I seen that I said to my wife " What a cool fricken mag." she thought it was kool too. So how did you get that in there???:slight_smile:

Ok , ok …

Who’s gonna scan it and post it for us to see …?

I say Belzebub:)

We never send in uni pics to DRM b/c we figure they wouldn’t use them…looks like we need to start.

Two of my friends are in this months DRM…this picture of “Booger” dropping out of the barn loft at Murray’s Farm taken by Calvin and the picture of Clint at Moab

Dirt Rag has always been cool about unicycles. They published a brief article I wrote for them a few years ago. used to advertise with them.

Here’s the photo.


Nice ‘action’ photo :slight_smile:

It has that ‘family’ participation feel.
It should get others thinking …