Nice uni dealer

I just bought a KH20 from Serious Juggling in Portland, OR for 449.99. Its a nice, small company with good service. They have access to a lot of unis, parts and accessories. They can be found at

Wish I could find the thread but I can’t remember what it is called.

Someone posted recently complaining about this company and suggesting not to buy from them… sorry for the ambiguity but I can’t even remember why.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new KH 20’ for that wicked deal!

Wow, I have a bad memory.

Got my forums mixed up. It was on the WJF forum that one of the moderators and big names in juggling (Jason Garfield) wrote this:

The WJF feels obligated to report, unfortunately, that Serious Juggling ( has stolen $900.00 worth of merchandise from the WJF in the form of DVD titles. It is not the case that they haven’t paid for them yet, but that they are refusing to pay for it, refusing to return the merchandise, and are refusing to respond to any attempts at communication and resolving the matter. We have even offered to pay for the return shipping, and they still refuse. We do not understand their motives or reasons for taking these actions. The ones given are nothing more than insults and don’t explain how they are legally justified in keeping and selling unpaid for merchandise. We strongly urge everyone to not purchase any WJF DVDs from Serious Juggling and warn other vendors to not conduct any business with Serious Juggling for these reasons.

Hey guys! I personally know the owners of Serious Juggling and buy from them all the time! Great people, extremely nice and always trying to make sure you are taken care of. I dunno about the whole thing about the “stolen” Dvd’s but I talked to them and got a different story, since it has nothing to do with unicycling I’ll leave that topic alone. All in all they’re a great little local company here in portland and are awesome to work with, it’s best to call in orders because you can talk to them in person. I mentioned this earlier somewhere else but Serious Juggling currently has some KH leg armor and gloves, and some nice pedals too if you’re looking for that stuff, you’ll have to call in they’ve only got 2 sizes left in stock, and I’ve got dibs on a pair of gloves so call in and order quick!

EDIT: they just updated me and they have a shipment of leg armor coming it soon so there’s no rush for that… just don’t buy my gloves :wink:

editing again…

you can buy gloves just don’t order until tomorrow because I’m going to go get some after school, they have all but size large for gloves right now.

Sounds a lot like unsubstantiated slander to me, which is illegal. Could just as easily be true, but regardless, Mr. Garfield limits his request to the DVDs, not to Serious Juggling’s other equipment.

Order away! :smiley:

if you’d all like I can ask for the full story(serious juggling’s side) tomorrow when I go get my gloves and I’ll type it up… they are great to deal with when UDC screwed up some orders I placed they fixed them and on one occasion stopped by my house to drop off an order because I couldn’t pick it up. Although most of you are too far away to do that they ship promptly.

Hey, that would be cool. I am unsure about these claims as well, it seems like hopefully more of a misunderstanding.

When I saw the price for the KH it hardly seems to matter even if they did steal some WJF DVDs.

Also, I was thinking of buying some balls there and was wondering if anyone else had any business misdealing or anything.

As far as I know they haven’t had any misdealings and Jason is just an asshole (sorry about the language) Most companies are not concerned with anything he says anymore. I’ll pay more attention to the story when I go in today after school. I would definitely recommend buying from them.

I don’t know about the stolen DVDs or whatever, though I have heard that Jason can be not the nicest guy to deal with but I don’t know firsthand.

I do know that I bought some juggling equipment from and I didn’t have any problems what-so-ever. The staff was very helpful and friendly, I would happily buy from them again.

I could not find ANY unicycles for sale on that website. No search function either. :thinking:

Here. Obviously, they don’t do online orders. You gotta call.

They just sold the last KH 20" recently, i went in today to buy my gloves and spent all day with them their roof has major leaks(construction) and it’s wrecking a lot of boxes so there’s all kinds of unicycles assembled in the store front for me to play on :smiley: So the whole thing about the “stolen DVD’s” was that they were payment from Jason to Serious Juggling for arranging to fly people to do performances for a WJF convention with their own airmiles but none of the flights worked out because it was a bad time of year so they told Jason they couldn’t do it, He’d already given them some DVD’s as an advanced payment and when they told him they wouldn’t do it he once called them 11 times in one minute and it got to the point where he was harassing them trying to get them to arrange the flights for him and so they called the police on him and filed a claim for harassment against him. In short Jason is a stubborn “my way or the highway” guy who will keep bugging you until he gets what he wants and it’s best to just not deal with him at all.

Ben and Yvette are awesome people and even gave me a ride to Reed College’s Juggling night(it’s every wednesday and there are unicyclists and stuff there a lot) AND they gave me a ride to the nearest max stop so I could get home it was great. Oh and any order smaller than a unicycle gets unicycled to the post office personally by Ben, anything unicycle sized or that can’t be unicycled to the post office is walked to fed-ex.

yeah Terry, Like Leah(Buddy) said you have to click the unicycles section on the side of the page and then you have to call in your order. The unicycles section is located in Juggling props, under the Spinning plates section and above the Yo-Yo’s & Kendama section.

Seriously, that’s BEGGING for a harassment charge.

People are, in fact, morons.:stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, I’m with you. I apologize to seriousjuggling for linking to that. I knew he was a little self obsessed.
He has made it so that if anyone is caught flaming him on the WJF forum and ANY other forums on the internet will be banned. Apparently he has people watching for this… :roll_eyes: .
Oh well, there goes my chance of joining that forum.
While I am at it, I am deeply offended that he made a Chris Bliss Diss video. Whether or not Chris Bliss’ juggling is as challenging as his own is a moot point.
They are both good jugglers in their own respect.

Hey, It’s all good. You just didn’t have both sides of the story.


IMO it’s one thing to be able to do a series of tricks and another to do them in front of hundreds of people & on live TV w/ possibly millions more, and you can’t refilm if you make a mistake. And then there’s all the planning and hooking up w/ the right people to get on the show.