Nice monring ride

Ben and i went for a ride through the park this morning, enjoying the fresh air and good weather we are finaly seeing after a week of no riding because of rain. It started off with me waking ben up and hauling him out of bed for a ride. Then off to the park, around the lake up some little tracks and just generaly mucking around. Then i spoted a nice little trials line for ben to try (im not quite up there with hops and the like yet) it was one a park bench then onto a power box then back to the track, seems simple but the face that the gaps in the planks on the seat here big enough to swallow his tire and the fact that it slanted back so that when he landed on the seat he was thruse into the back made this line very diffaculty. Well out of his 4 atempts he made it once, it wasn’t pritty but he did it.

Here is a pic of him contemplating his line…



This me waking him up!


Lets try that again…


It is strange that I live in the same town as James, only a block or two away, and yet here the weather hasn’t been too bad in the past week. It’s had overcast days, and occasional drizzle, but I’ve been riding every day (albeit not many strenuous rides due to favouring my injury). Maybe you should invest in a raincoat or an umbrella James, or go riding down town where it is covered, so you can’t blame the threat of rain for not riding. Light rain is not really too unpleasant and your Unicycle can handle it since we Anti-seized the hub assembly. The computer unclips easily right?

The last few days have been absolutely splendid. It’s been cold enough to snow, and yet sunny and clear to see the mountain. I am jealous of those who’s limbs are fully functional and able to go up the mountain. I want to get up there soon to do more riding and maybe filming on the snow, but I might have to wait a week until I get full movement in my ankle, and less chance of re-injuring myself.

Don’t need to its waterprof :stuck_out_tongue: