nice little planet X interview for 'freestyle unicycling'

its a little shorter than i expected,

i thought i probably should posty another thread. gets more response that way.

and it should work this time.

thanks to kaycee for puttin it up for me.

planet X interview

so enjoy, and i have another longer interview coming up sometime this week. that will show the 12ft drop in.

It’s just great that unicycling is getting publicity like this and congratulations on winning the contest! However do you know why they are referring to street (mostly) unicycling as freestyle? There’s a big difference between grinding, rail riding, etc. and traditional freestyle skills like wheel walking and seat drag.

Congratulations on a great interview Alex! I thought they did a lot better than they could have with the editing, in linking what you said to the footage. Great footage too, can’t wait to see all of OWA.

Thanks for sharing.


Alright, it finally works!

I don’t understand how they destroyed the name of it, I bet you’ll have tons of people in Austrailia talking about this new ‘freestyle’ unicycling thing. :angry:

Good footage in the video segment. You did well in the interview, and got your points across without them misconstruing any information.

Excellent work on getting your ‘circus skills’ up to par to complete all the trick unicycling. :stuck_out_tongue: You should have a lot of fun with the coverage and whatever else comes with the prize of the competition.

The voice over definately had things straight on giving those boys with their bittu jumping (sp?) a good talking to!

i cant get it to work!!

do you have any other footage of the planet X thingy? :thinking:

very sweet but they made it seem like you guys invented the whole “freestlye” unicycling but none the less very rockin.


it works now. Great interview and footage! Im glad to see unis get some airtime!

this is what the dude said to me in the interview when i asked him why he called it freestyle unicyclig.

he told me that in the extreme industry, the word extreme has lost its effect on anything… because you can get extreme ironing now… and extreme cooking etc. the gave it that name, because its a free style. no rules an sh*t to corrupt it etc.

its not the name i would have given it. but it is fairly hard to not use extreme, if you want to give it a blanket term

I like the part where the voice-over guy says that ‘freestyle unicycling is very freestyle’ - golly I never woulda guessed :smiley:

Nice job getting on TV, anyway, Alex.


Maybe freeride unicycling? That would incorporate just about everything. As well as the no rules thing.


That’s good. Because our official version of unicycle freestyle has lots of rules and sh*t. :smiley:

That was a great clip! No matter that a different meaning of Freestyle was used. If “extreme” is too tired a word, that’s fine. How about Badass Unicycling?

Here are some others:

  • All Terrain Unicycling
  • Wrong Terrain Unicycling
  • Obstacle Unicycling

Or why not

  • Street Freestyle?

yeah this is all about a name that shouldnt really be held onto.

we have street unicycling.
and mountain unicycling.
and trials unicycling.

i would not invlove (proper) freestyle unicycling into this class.

i think that it would be ok to blanket this category of extreme sport… but it isnt really necessary.

what do you do?

oh i ride a unicycle.
but not in a circus sort of way. versitile freeride unicycling…

all else fails i suppose i would say. oh i trick unicycle.