nice little "muni" ride

i went for a nice little “muni” ride tonight if you want to call it that really it was just some flat land grass hills and a little bit of dirt on my way back home but it was all mainly flat with a couple hills, i had a lot of fun though and it really encoureged me to save up my money so i can get a real muni not just my little torker cx. but i cant find any muni’s that would be able to support my weight(around 160 and still be a decent price)
yep so i had fun tonight and got some cool looks from some people
thats all

Re: nice little “muni” ride

I started with the Yuni MUni 24" ($299). It supported my 205 pound bod until it burned that bod down to 180. (Now 185). I rode it for 3 yrs. Now my daughter is having a big time on it. But she’s relatively easy on equipment.

I think “decent price” is what you think it is.

$150 is cheep. You’ll get a cheep MUni.

$300 is decent. You’ll get a decent MUni.

$510 is a little high. You’ll get a fine KH 24 Freeride. (My new baby).

I can’t see going much higher than that for my kind of riding.

torker DX 160 on ebay… that includes all the shipping and handling to