nice jumping

today i did something pretty cool that all the [good] riders did about an eon ago. but still, i think it was fun doin it so it doesnt matter.
So i went out and made a little jumping thing (with my brother) that had 3 2x4’s parallel to each other and 3 bricks (2 square and one rectange) to one side of the 2x4’s. each thing was about 1 to 1.5 feet apart (very simple). I tried and about the tenth time i tried i managed to do it securely. then within the next 3 tries i managed to do it in 6 hops or one hop on each thing. this is probably the best thing i’ve done so far jumping-wise because my brother (who has been riding longer and is better than me) couldnt do it. anyway this is what it looked like VVVVV

unijump.bmp (308 KB)

sweet…im workin on my gapping techniques too. we will rule the world someday(all us newbs) and we will make it better lol good job tho

im still not understanding what you did?

I just jumped some gaps across some boards and bricks. I’m somewhat new to unicycling (maybe about 9-10 months) so it was cool to me that i could do it without pre-hopping on anything

SWEET! ive been uni-ing for about…4 years…good luck and keep trying…can you jump up clear onto 2 or 3 or 4 pallettes?

i am workin on jumping up 2 and two 2x4’s right now (actually, i should go do that right now)
my brother can jump up 3 and a 2x4, so he’s better than me :stuck_out_tongue:

how old is your brother? I tried 3 and made it and can do those…i tried 5 pallettes and unbelievably i made it once…(dont ask how) but i swear to god mt seat was half way up my butt and i had like 35 PSI in my tire…what PSI do you ride your tire and what type of uni/uni’s do you own?

I think that’s the best way to learn. It’s great fun making yourself more and more difficult and technical lines that you can try over and over again without worrying about hurting yourself because they’re less than a foot off the ground… in theory anyway - . :wink: