nice frestyle uni!

Hey I posted some stuff a wile ago when I was first getting into unicycling and you guys were very helpful. I ended up getting a 24" torker LX. I learned on it and im really exited about learning some tricks. I am going to get a 20" uni to do freestyle with.

I want to get one that is fairly cheap but capable. ( I dont think i will be doing anything too extreme anytime soon. )

I am thinking of getting another Torker LX only 20" or a AX 20"

What one do you think I should get. ( my local store only sells the LX so I would have to ship the AX)


ps. I weigh 90lbs so im not concerned too much about strength. What I want to know is if the uni can do most tricks.

the lx is ok but when you jump a lot of the time the incredibly large fork hits the side of your leg right to the inside of your legs (many bruises and cut from this) as for the ax i havent had to much experience with it but i believe it has a curved frame witch is hard to stand on and hard to step (many 1 footed tricks) on i ride a torker cx witch has held up great except for stripped cranks the fork never hits your leg and is big enough to step on. The seat may be a little hard but it never bothers me im around 90 lbs also and has been fine for my 2-4 foot drops.The frame on the lx has inward a lot and my cx has went outward a little. I particuly think the cx can stand a lot more abuse then the lx and great for learning tricks.The lx seat padding eventually may rip if it hits a sharp enough rock. But i dunno your pick. Maybe you should look into nimbus:D

How about the new ‘club’ unicycle from UDC:

Nice flat top for foot on frame tricks, for most freestyle you don’t need double wall rim and you get a standard seat should you ever want to upgrade the seat. Seems like great value for the money.

The AX does have a curved frame… and I believe but not sure a non-standard seat. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

thanks for all the imput! I think I am going to get a LX and eventually upgrade the seat ( and seat post )

Thanks again!