Nice day of progress

I made it around my block, which is quite big with a huge uphill and downhill with only 3 UPD’s Usually it is more like 10. I also made it backwards about 8 revolutions and then gracefully dismounted rather than flying off the thing. I was practicing tightening my circle on flat ground, it got a little smaller, still big though. Then I tried a quick 180 at the bottom of a small decline, I toppled to the side scraped my knee up a little, punched my jaw, and pulled the muscle i forgot the name of behind your ankle. Ive been stretching it out, and its starting to feel better. I want to get back on and try so more backwards wants it feels better. Once I figure out backwards and turning really good, I want to learn WW. That looks awesome and is something to impress. By then ill probably have that 19" KH Trials i ahve been looking at. Whats easier to WW, a big or small wheel?


Thats amazing you’ve already pulled off 8 revolutions going backwards and you aren’t even at the level of riding forever yet. I only just learned backwards and I’ve been riding since November of 2004, so good job!

Well, I’m not really much of a distance guy, Ill go around the block and all that stuff, but I would have a lot more fun in an acre of trials obstaces and stuff like that, even though I cant hop. I coupld just sit there all day trying to figure it out. I like how people jump off do a 180 and land backwards. Thats just awesome.


Re: Nice day of progress

I would say a small wheel. The reason why is that you don’t have to bring your legs up as high, which makes it harder to stay balanced. You have a 24" wheel now right?

A 20" or a 24" should be fine. You don’t want to try it on a Coker or 12" until you’ve mastered it on a “normal” unicycle. Personally, I find the 24" easier, but that’s probably because that’s what I learned on in the first place.

Im on a 24" but its really hard to get my legs up. Probably just takes practice.


if you’re on a 24" and you want to try wheelwalking, raise the seat post a bit…so that your leg is almost completely straight when the pedal is down. makes wheelwalking much easier. but actually, you said that you wanted to go into trials…which you need a short seatpost for. but then again, you’ll want a 20" for trials anyway, which is easier for wheewalking. in conclusion, it’s easier on a 20", and so is trials, and it’s harder on a 24", and so is trials. but then again again, you’re trying it first on a 24", so it’ll probably end up being easier for you on a 24" since that’s what you tried first.

In other words, figure out the basics, then buy a trials. But isn’t a trials 19"?


So for the wheel walk on the 20" do you raise the seatpost all the way up as well, or does that only go for a 24"?

Im probably going for a trials next, they seems like the most fun. I just went to the park today for some flat ground, 1 and a half miles non stop, a probably could have gone further, but that LX is not to comfortable for lng distances. Eek.


You madman! Welcome to the 1 1/2 mile, sore crotch club! Keep up the good work, we hope to see you backwards wheelwalking on a handrail soon! :wink:

Im planning on getting that qu-ax trials for $300 or less if i can get a slightly used one off of someone. Maybe ill just pull off that backwards wheel walk on a hand rail. But firsrt i gotta practice some one footed action.