Nice Cotterless cranks for Muni

I’ve just tried out my new cranks on the advanced Saturday ride for BMW3.

They’re Profile Aluminium Trials cranks in 155mm that come with a
detachable 23 tooth chainring (not easy to detach if you don’t own a set
of Imperial Allen keys - they had a lot of red locktite on). They weigh
about 440 grams and they’re the stiffest cranks I’ve ever used - much
better than Odessy Black Widows. They felt a bit long for 5minutes (I’d
been using 145 cranks recently) but soon felt natural again.

Oh well - the highly polished surface is a bit dirt spattered now - but at
least they match the rest of the Muni.

Only downside is like all Profile gear “it ain’t cheap” but I got them for
half price (75 ukp) from a shop that couldn’t sell them to bikers (well
spotted Neil).

If they were designed for bike trials I’ll have to worry about bending my
axle before the cranks go.

Leo White