Nice 9news story

I am so grateful to have the most wonderful family and friends in the world. Without you, none of these fun unicycling adventures would take place. Thank you all for the love and support.
This is a good news clip that encompasses unicycling and my recent Mauna Kea ascent. It was filmed last Friday on top of Loveland Pass. Thanks to Matt R. from 9news. Check it out.
Now get out and enjoy the outdoors!

Nice one

Nice one … puts me to shame :smiley:

Very nice. You’re a source of inspiration.

Great feature Mike, well done!!!:smiley:

Congrats Mike, great coverage for a deserving guy.

Excellent coverage!

Steve Colligan rode to Everest base camp. Is that on your list anytime soon? :smiley:

I’m betting Mike’s planning on going right to the top. Why stop at a wussy base camp other than to possibly have lunch. :roll_eyes: