failure to communicate with purchasers.

Anyone else having problems with these folks?

I ordered my Torker LX from them a week ago because their price with shipping was lower than, got the automated reply that the order was received by Niagara Cycle and billed to my credit card.

As of today still no one answers the phone for their Internet sales department, and I haven’t heard from anyone there as to when my Torker is going to be shipped.

I’m beginning to wonder if I need to contact the Better Business Bureau about this.

I’ve bought a number of things from them (mostly tires) and haven’t had problems.

I’ve placed 4 orders with them over the past year and have had no problems. The one time I’ve emailed their customer service department about one of my orders I received a reply pretty quickly. Overall, I’ve been satisfied and keep going back. Try the Customer Service contact form here: and include your order number in the message.

Sportsman Matt: Where in central Mass are you?

Kevin Kervick

Finally got an automated response

I e-mailed the and got an automated response to use a different number when communicating with them. Still no physical person on the other end. This is getting really fustrating, as all I get is answering machines and automated responses, wonder if they closed their doors and didn’t tell anyone, from the response I’m getting from them.

Hi Kevin, it depends on the day, I live down near the RI border in the Millerville section of Blackstone, but work in Shrewsbury, and have friends and relatives in the Royalston-Athol-Orange and Gardner-Templeton area. I spend a lot of time commuting, mostly to work, from work, and to and from different spots around the state in search of some of the best fly fishing since Ted Williams was fishing the Millers back in the 50’s and 60’s.

been getting fustrated waiting to hear from these folks, they have had the money since Friday Morning, but haven’t heard from them since.

I would be frustrated as well in your situation. However they are still in business as my latest order was placed Monday and was shipped Tuesday (obviously it was something they had in stock).

That’s good to hear. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them or see my Uni sitting on the doorstep.

Most outfits I deal with give a tracking number or confirm the order was shipped. Haven’t heard either and contacting them by phone hasn’t been of any luck, still waiting for a callback from either Monday moring, Tuesday Morning, or this morning, or an e-mail from either Monday afternoon or Today.

If I wasn’t spending a good chunk of cash on this purchase, I probably wouldn’t be worried as much, but I’ve had too many times the order shipped to the wrong address (there’s 2 streets with the same numbers in my town and the neighboring town) and taken weeks to track it down (I feel bad for the UPS drivers, they are 1 for 20 in getting a delivery to my apartment)

For right now I’ll just have to sit and wait, and wait, and wait…

Hven’t dealt with them, but they have a good rating at I wonder if they do a kind of drop shipping, where they don’t have the item themselves but put your order through a distributer who ships it to you. In a case like that, I’m not sure if you’d get the same tracking info or not. I, too, would be unhappy with their lack of communication, but would also give it 2 weeks from the order date before I started to panic about it.

I still haven’t heard from them, but the UPS guy is 2 for 21 now, he delivered my Torker this morning. Good thing the UPS guy came through, otherwise I would really be worried. But I just think that getting info from the seller should be easier than this past week.

Congrats on getting your new uni. Once you have the basics down, you can really develop skills riding with others. There is a Boston unicycle club that rides regularly. If you want to connect with them, send a private message to MountainUni (Jeff Putnam) or JeremyR. Either will get you in the loop with other riders.

Isn’t there a bike trial along the old Blackstone canal? Perhaps you will have to start commuting by uni. If you start at midnight, you might arrive at work only a few hours late!

Maybe, actually I was thinking I work in a processing center and have to go from one end to the other a few times a night, thinking I might just bring the Uni in and use that to do my daily travels.

Also just got an e-mail from niagara, they finally sent my tracking information.

Now i just have to get the seat height adjusted, the seat is about 7 1/2" too tall for me to use.

use a hacksaw to cut the post a bit shorter, and lower it… simple :smiley: Have fun riding!

I’m glad it worked out for you

I have been linking to Niagra for riders looking for starter unis for a year or so, based solely on price and positive feed back.

My guess is that they are a large volume warehouse type deal, and they can’t afford to hire folks to answer the phone. But hey, the box came, it was a new lx 20, and they made it appear for 20 % less $ than UDC. I hope you are happy.:slight_smile:

So far so good…

So Far everything has been as expected, the Torker LX 24" I ordered is a good first Uni, I like the tires and the seat isn’t as bad as everyone makes it sound. Of course I’m used to a steel seat covered with leather and no padding, so this is state of the art with the little padding it provides.

Had to cut the post down 8 1/2", figured if I decide to try MUni I may need that extra 1" of space just in case.

I put the tire at 64 lbs, it’s rated 40 to 65 PSI Min/Max. And I was able to get up with assistance from the workbench in the shop and sit for a minute before getting wobbly and having to step off. Not bad, can’t wait to really try it out, I tried it at the end of my lunch break, but don’t want to risk the dreaded “explain exactly what happened” to the Safety Office at work. (That would be a first for them to hear though… he slipped or UPD off a unicycle on the workroom floor… ???)

Looking foreward to after work…

Don’t run max pressure

On bikes, high pressure equals lower rolling resistance. On a 24 uni, for a newish rider, rolling resistance isn’t a problem. The uni is geared very low.

A softer tire won’t kick back as bad off of sticks and stones. It is easier to ride and a bit more comfortable at a soft psi. As long as the tire doesn’t fold when you turn, or bottom , it is maybe not soft enough. Experiment, but definitely don’t just go with max printed on sidewall psi.

Cool, Matt, keep us posted! :sunglasses: