Nextie 36" carbon rim

In Gpb Sterling they are just under £300 plus postage.

That doesn’t sound bad at all. Aren’t the hookless ones pretty close to that as it is?

I recently ordered one of these beauts (hasn’t shipped yet) and sent an e-mail asking if my specific order could be made “hooked”. Here is the response:

I’m sorry, but the 36-inch rims are now only available with the Hookless Version.
The NXT36XU42 rims are tubeless Compatible. It is no problem for you to run a tube or non-tube. Please feel free to let us know if there is any question.

That’s what they should have made in the first place. There are no tubeless 36er tires.


Not yet, but there has been talk about it for years and years.
But I think you make some good points in your Nightrider lite video to why Not run a tubeless setup.
The liquid will weigh just as much as a light tube.

Tried tubeless and the bead set solid and held 30psi over night so I decided to risk it…

I know people make these work but I am going to have to shelve the carbon rim for a while in hopes we get a tubeless tire in the future. I like to ride fast and it’s not worth the risk for me to have a blowout at speed


Well, that sucks!

I wonder if there’s any way to add a groove to it. Maybe using a dremel or die grinder with a round burr and a depth guide so that holding it against the edge of the rim would ensure a uniform distance from the edge?

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Why don’t you use the ghetto half tube setup? It never failed to me

+1 for the split tube method. My split tube setup holds rock solid, burped not even once

I haven’t heard of this can anyone shred some more light in this.

Here is one link that describes it pretty well.

If the tire fits tight on the rim and it is hard to install normally the split tube method would likely not work.

A ghetto tubeless setup is heavier than a 29" inner tube. If you really need to put preventive fluid, it can be put inside an inner tube with a removable shell.


Why’s this? Aren’t you using less than a full 29" inner tube for this because you cut the edges after installing? (I used about 75% of a 18" tube to make a 24" ghetto tubeless.) Or do you think it’s because of the milk?
On the other hand, tubeless is not all about weight, it’s also the tire’s dampening characteristics.

Are there any commercially available tires and tubes that are officially compatible with this hookless rim? I suspect not. I’m also not aware of any 36er Presta tube. Sure, there may be combinations that “work” but it sounds like Nextie (and Braus/Alchemist) have produced a rim for which there’s no tire and tube.

I guess not, but my setup with the Nextie rim, Vee Tire T-Monster and a stretched Schwalbe SV19 and ~45 psi seems to do just fine for nearly a month. I have only ridden it for 4-5 hours in total (10-15 degrees celcius outside temperature) and the rest of the time it has been stored in the basement at approx 20 degrees Celsius. So it’s a calm and not very punishing environment but due to how difficult it was to mount the tire on the rim I don’t believe a tire blowout is likely.


You are right, it is very pleasant to ride tubeless. My off-road unicycles (29" and G29) are tubeless.

In my opinion, the main advantages of tubeless are the possibility of riding at low pressure (without the risk of damaging the inner tube), the liquid that fills the small holes and the weight. For me, these arguments make a lot of sense off-road and much less sense on the road.

I might not say that if I hadn’t been using a 180g inner tube for years in my 36", without ever having had a problem. I remember going from the 36" tube (which weighs almost 500g) to the 29" tube (which weighs 180g), the difference in feel was incredible.

I have also done ghetto tubeless setups, with KH and M4O rims. When you can’t afford a real tubeless, it’s nice, but a classic tubeless setup is so much easier to do and maintain.

Isn’t the Nextie light enough to make a noticeable difference in performance without the need to risk a blowout with either a stretched 29er tube or ghetto tubeless? The vee tire 36er tube is pretty light and for me I wouldn’t be constantly worried about a blowout, especially on long rides or at high speed. And the $8.99 price is great. Backordered until 10.18 on this link though.


If I had known that Vee Tire makes a 220g 36" Presta tube I would of course have used that.

The Scwalbe SV19 is the exact same weight.

I was not aware that a 36" Presta tube existed. Thanks @UniGeezer. Will order soon…

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Good info Terry!

Now it’s time to present mine!
I probably told that story before, but what happened was that I’ve been willing to get a 125mm hub for my 36" as I think it makes for a more sturdy wheel. So I was lucky to pick up a bargain of Oracle parts sold by @rvs and I was going to replace my hub, fork of my 36" and just relace its rim and have a wider 36. And put the spares on a shelf until god knows when… Then I realized that the spokes sent along the other parts where the exact correct dimension to lace a Nextie! I just needed to go 4 crosses instead of 3 on the Oracle. Add to this that Nextie was still giving a discount and free shipping… I also had a spare saddle, so really the only thing needed to make a new 36" was the rim and an inner tube.

So here we are, finished yesterday, haven’t ridden yet.

I went for the “glossy” finish, to change from the usual carbon look. And got the black decals.

The color is deep grey almost black, but not fully black. I was not expecting this but it’s actually pretty neat. In real life, it’s even darker:

Build is done, just need to true/tension the wheel:

Here’s a weight comparison between the QUAX wheel set:

And the Nimbus/Nextie. Almost 600 grams, not bad!

And finished uni. Wait wait wait, it looks much beefier even though they have the exact same tire - Night Rider Lite.

Yep, still looks bigger without the perspective effect from the previous photo:

Wider is the word:

Let’s rely on science then, let’s put the same amount of air inside both tires and measure:

And yep, on average, the tire is 9mm wider on the Nextie rim.

I guess the Nextie rim being nearly half an inch wider, the tire is more spread. Which also results in a less “pointy”, more round profile. I’ll try to compare the rides, but the QUAX has 150mm cranks and the Nextie has 137. They don’t have an identical setup.

All in all, pretty pleased with the build. The Nextie 36" weights just above 6kg, and I’m sure I’ll get under 6 once I put 125 light cranks and some lighter pedals. It won’t make a difference, it’s just to brag with myself that I have a light 36".

The wheel has been sitting for a week with 2.5bar/35psi without blowing. I went for the 29" inner tube option. And the tire was so hard to put on that I think (hope) it’ll be ok. I don’t like riding with more than 2.5bar as I don’t go very fast. I’m 75kg in total, and the tire hardly squeezes when I hop on the uni. But I have to admit I’m a bit concerned when I see the photos posted by @WeaponizedBacon Scary!

Next… a test ride!


Ohh I love science, and nice build! :slight_smile:

Here’s the Vee Tire T-Monster at at ~2.5bar/35psi (I’ve had it at ~3bar/45psi for the last month) on the Nextie rim.
I just relaxed the pressure a bit to take the picture and I will have a test ride to see if it makes the ride a bit more comfortable.

The change in width from 2,5bar to 3,0bar seems to be ~0,5mm and that is so small that it might just be measurement error or that the tire is not completely uniform / evenly fitted to the rim.

But the Vee tire is approx 5mm wider than the Nightrider Lite on this rim.