next trick to learn

i’ve learned to do a unispin what should i learn to do next?

Thats a really dumb question… but learn to 1080 unispin off a 12 foot drop.

well sry i didnt know it was such a stupid question

Just try to learn whatever you want to… like a 360 unispin

just lookin’ to see what the public thought about it.

Foot unispins

Try 180 unispins to the foot on the wheel stance then drop down, or jump up to the wheel first, then 180 unispin down. Both are pretty easy after the 180 unispin is learned. But yeah. 360 unispin is good to learn. Also the 270 unispin, or 90 down from the wheel to the pedals. Most people don’t learn that for awhile. I’m out laters

I don’t know what level you’re at, but I recommend you start learning to coast. It takes forever (well maybe six months) to learn, but it’s definitely worth it, and it’s really impressive. :sunglasses:

maybe 180 unispin into ww ?

i can already coast i learned a while ago

i’ll go with unifreak7’s suggestions.:smiley:

Are you sure you don’t mean gliding? In coasting you don’t have any contact with the wheel, while in gliding you have one foot on the tire as a brake and balance aid. The balance reflexes are totally different for the two skills.

yes i know that i can do both

How long have you been riding?

little more than 3 years