Next Step...?

I’m 14 years old and have been unicycling for about a month now using a torker lx… 2004 i think… anyway i’m wondering what new things i should learn. i am in the process of mastering 180s right now. what thing should i try or learn next. Thanks

I’d follow the skill levels until level 5/6… google search “unicycle skill levels”… you’ll find 'em

I don’t agree, I wouldn’t reccomend the skill levels unless you are going to be in freestyle. And with what you are describing it sounds like you are slanting towards a street style. A great thing to always practice is the hop height. You can also try to get down uni spins and grinds. I’m suggesting these because they seem to be with the division of unicycling that you are working on. But if you want to do freestyle you should go with the skill levels. If you want to be with trials you need to really work with hopping, crank grabs, pedal grabs, and those types of skills.

How can you assume he wants to do street just because he is learing 180s? 180s are just a good beginner skill to learn, and they aren’t just used in street. If he was learning crankflips or something then I would understand.

I think that assumption may be based on age more than anything else. Most young people would, in my opinion, gravitate towards street. I would say he should do whatever he wants to learn. If he wants to learn freestyle I would suggest onefoot riding, if he wants to learn street I would say rolling hop height or one foot. In general I would suggest whatever sounds fun, but be reasonable, you won’t be able to do some skills but you should be able to learn a few.

Well if you have a closer look at the list… how freestyle do you consider it?
I think the major part is just essential basic, no matter what flavour you will start liking the most.

Yes, the skill levels are freestyle-centric, as that is what was common for unicycling skill progression when the skill levels were made. Right now, work is being done to make skills levels that cover street, trials, muni, and other areas of unicycling.

Regardless what you’re really going for, learning a lot of the pre-wheelwalk freestyle skills will grant you a solid skillset that will be helpful in completely unrelated areas of unicycling–the half-idles you might do on a MUni trail, the pedal efficiency granted by knowing how to 1 foot ride, the knowledge of center supplemented by knowing how to idle.

I have no idea what you can do.

But riding one footed and riding backwards is good to know… hard to say if your 180 is done stillstand or rolling…
To idle is nice, and to wheelwalk is even nicer.

Your age doesn’t really mather, it’s more your time while riding… in the sadle so to speak, and your will to progress. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris!
When I couldn’t decide which route to go down, trials or freestyle: I just decided that it’s worth learning everything that’s cool! Seat out hops and rolling hops. Try seat out riding and grinding. Uni spins, jump mounts and crank grabs.

If you want to know what you can learn simply take a look at Wiki Books and there are whole books about Trials and Freestyle skills.

Hope this helps,