next step

hey i can sumwhat coast, i can glide wheel walk 1 and 2 foot 180 unispin almost 360 what is the next thing i should learn?


Jump stuff:)

I’d suggest learning the standup versions of 1 and 2 foot WW, coasting, and gliding.

1 ft coast, crankflip, 360 unispin



Stand up 1f WW, sideways WW, 360 unispin, crankflip, 270 unispins etc. etc. You can learn whatever you want!

I think you should learn to spell.

And I think you should learn grammar.

And both of you should learn not to be smart arses :sunglasses:


I knew it looked wrong.
I wasn’t really trying to be a smart ass, I just couldn’t understand his post. You have to admit that some grammar would have been helpful. Other then that it was just meant to be a light hearted joke.

P.S I will see you at uni weekend in two years, I miss this years one due to a hockey tournament in Australia, cant wait!

P.P.S 360 unispins are sweet to learn :slight_smile: