Next Step Up

So I’m getting my new torker dx tomorrow and I’m wondering whats the next step I should take after jumping off curbs. I’m consistent jumping up and down curbs but I can’t really find anything in my town thats just a little step up. The only thing I’ve found that has a enough landing clearance is a electrical box( 2 feet 6 inches tall). And even then I have to jump over a large patch of grass. Anyboy have any recommendations for what there second jump was and how tall it was? Thanks, Joe.

For trials and jump height. Get some pallets. They are very very useful. Just put them on top of each other to vary the height. Apart from each other to practice gaps, etc…

Also, learn rolling 180s, then do them off that curb. Learn tricks and invent new ones.

Yeah I would use pallets but my dad thinks I won’t put them away and they’ll sit around and rot. So that’s out of the question. Thats a good idea though I’ll try 180s off the curb thanks.

do you have any stairs in your area?
you could also probably build some small trials obsticles like sandwich boards or things like rails & stuff. surprisingly enough i’ve found there’s more to trials than just jumping!

Dont just practice jumping up, but jumping out. Learning to gap farther will open up a lot of lines for you.

Try jumping down like 2 stairs :smiley: