Next logical step

Hi all
Got my unicycle about 2-3 months ago, now riding turning and freemounting pretty well and loving every minute!
Im really keen to start learning new stuff, like jumping, riding backwards, one footed and tricks etc.
Was hoping to get some advice on the progression that other riders went through, ie the skills that they learned and the order they learned them in just to give me some direction.
Im concentrating on riding backwards and jumping at the moment but finding both quite hard, guessing its just like everything so far PRACTICE! :slight_smile:

learn to ride backwards, then learn to hop. I first learned to hop and then i didn’t bother about backwards riding anymore. I kinda regret that i can’t ride backwards now XD.

hey, congrats on learning to ride! what i first learned was hopping because it was the easiest thing for me to learn. then I learned to idle and once you can idle riding backwards isint that hard.

I am able to hop at the moment but can only do it if i start by being stationary and holding onto a wall. Any advice on how to change between riding forwards into hopping, is there any technique to it?

practice riding forward and briefly coming to a stop and then ride forward again. eventually you will be able to hop once you pause. I hope that makes sense

hey just thought i would let u know i have just got the hang of hopping, and can now do it up kerbs! makes things alot easier! Dam happy!

Wll done! :slight_smile: I might have a go myself…although my unicycle says I shouldn’t bunnyhop on it…

you should be able to still o some little practice hops, just dont hop up anything or especially down anything. Unless your ride really is that breakable that you really cant?

Hey saw your vids, looks like ur getting the hang of it like me! its great!
Your freemounts are good, u do them differently from me in that I tend to start with the pedal at the bottom but think im weird that way!
whats the furthest you have gone yet?

now that you have hopping learn one footed its not too hard to get the hang of and is very rewarding… Then Learn to ride backwards then Idling will come super duper easy.

I’m not sure of my furthest distance…I usually end up falling off a curb which ends my stretch…:smiley:

How’s your riding going?

Just back from a two week holiday. so looking forwards to my ride tromorow.
Aye learning well. went on a 6km cross country run before I left was very tiring but fun!
can now do regular bunny hops well, seat infront riding and a few other things and working on SIF hopping.
hows your skills getting on?