Next issue of Uni?

It’s been a while since the last edition. I’m confident that the next one will be worth waiting for but I’m itching to find out when I’ll get my hands on it. Any word on when it’ll be available and what might be in it?

I corresponded with Mike Penton, the publisher of Uni Magazine, on July 25 and posted the folllowing information in a previous thread on this subject.

Mike said issue #4, originally scheduled for publication in June, has been delayed. He said that he hopes to have issue #4 out around the end of August.

I suggest contacting Mike directly anytime you believe that you are experiencing a problem with your subscription, have a question or are looking for information on the magazine. He has responded almost instantly to all of the e-mails that I have sent to the contact address posted on the Uni Magazine Web site.

I second that. Mike responded to a few general questions I emailed to the general contact address on the site personally. I’m usually surprised to get any form of contact back from one of those addresses and if I do its usually automated or canned. very impressed :slight_smile:

They can’t release the mag until Coker announces the Coker AR “Almost Ready” unicycle.

Of course I have no idea what is holding up the next issue. I’ll wait happily knowing it’s gonna be well worth the delay.

Is this the one you’re after?? :thinking: Uni Magazine

yep. issue #4 of that series.

It’s weird because even on their homepage it shows Issue 3?? :thinking:

yep, cause #4 isn’t out yet.

Nathan Hoover and I recently completed articles with a “pushed-back” deadline of August 10. Hopefully he’s putting on the finishing touches now!

This is somewhat related, but maybe a thread jaq.

I am a unicycling Club of America member. When I came back from my vacation, I found a threesome of UNi mags in the mail.

That came as a complete surprise. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any updates on how this came about or point me to a thread if there was one on this subject?


For Unicycling Society of America members, the USA is working on a long-term deal with Mike Penton to offer Uni Magazine instead of On One Wheel. Current deal is for you to receive the first six issues (or additional six if you already subscribed). Beyond that, details are still being worked out. The USA is planning to start sending out a monthly email on the 15th of each month to members, and hopefully the upcoming one will contain more info.

Sure beats the crap out of (no) On One Wheel! No offense to current and past On One Wheel creators (which includes me). It’s just hard to compete with full color!

Ahh that makes sense then. :smiley:

When will issue 4 arrive?

in the now famous words of the coker company…“next week” :wink:

Almost here?

Hi everyone,
Has anyone received Issue #4 (Autumn 2007) in the US?

I see a the cover photo on the Uni Mag’s website.


We’ve not received Issue #4 here in North Bend, Washington.

Has anybody tried to contact Mike Penton (the publisher) recently? I last heard from Mike on July 25. In response to my inquiry regarding Issue #4 he said, “Alas there have been severe delays, mainly due to a failed house move and occupying a relative’s spare rooms. Hopefully this will be resolved by the end of August but the mag will be out at around the same time.” Mike has not answered any of my inquiries since.

This is just getting stupid. It was originally schedueled for June, its now October, 4 months later, and still no issue 4? What is going on?

I’ll happly agree with you there. But if it is realy good then I may have second thoughts.

It changes nothing about the huge delay, I find it very unprofessional and rude towards your customers. Private problems shouldn’t affect a magazine, maybe Mike should think about hiring an extra person so the magazine gets finished on time at least. I love the magazine and I think it’s a really good boost for the sport, also Mike is a great guy, but I think all issues have been delayed except for issue 1, not very professional.

Remember that this is a new endeavor. It has never been done before. It will have its messy moments and will not always go according to schedule. Mike is more committed to making sure he is producing an excellent product than to just putting anything together so it gets out on time.

Be patient. I am sure it will be more efficient with each issue.