Next Generation KH20's

Every once in a while, i see someone talking about the work that’s being done on KH unicycles, and i was wondering what’s gossip and what’s not.

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The truth is out there… but what is the truth? does anyone really know?
ALSO, If this is for real, the KH20 Will kick serious ass and When can i get one?

edit: ah great i start this post because i saw that danger_uni was browsing the forum and by the time i’m done, he’s gone… ah well.

thanks for starting this thread. I am curious as well.

So, to reiterate on Zack’s post about the hub. The hub will be 36 splined and is supposed to be as strong, if not stronger than profiles. The linkage between the flanges and the axle will no longer consist of a single or double-keyway, and will be replaced by all 36 of the splines on the axle distributiong the force. All the material normally found between the flanges on any high quality hub such as Profile or Onza will be done away with, thus saving weight without compromising strength. The weight should be comparable to a Suzue.

From what I hear, the frame will be much lower profile and my be made of aluminum.

The cranks won’t have the dreaded nubs, and should have some q-factor, but not quite as much as the profiles.

That’s about all I know. Hope this helps.

Note: Most of this information was learned from discussion with Kris at Moab or from others here on the forum. So this obviously is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Stronger than profiles, ey? He’s got some pretty dam big hopes there. It would be good if they were stronger though, because then Ryan Atkins would be able to go for some larger drops :smiley:

It sounds quite similar in this respect to the hub that Steve Howard has recently concocted? Am I right in thinking that it is just flanges without the centre piece of shell between them?

I take it if it has the larger number of splines that it won’t have a pinch bolt? And what length cranks will be available? I assume 170s and 140s initially.

I know everyone is refering to this as the new KH hub/crank set, but as it’s a joint venture between several major unicycle product manufacturers, what will it be branded as??

I’m also wondering what the price is going to be like. I can’t imagine the figures going up an enormous amount on the stock unicycles.

Hey, Discussion with kris in person is pretty good information. Most discussion about the next production run of KH unicycles indicates october-december as the date for the next batch. Kris said that the 29er would be availible, and a couple other people said things of that sort. so… light as a suzue and as strong as profiles? HOLY CRAP is all i have to say… if they truly are coming out in october, i’ll be buying a trials unicycle in october…

Not neccessarily stronger, but definitely in the same range and probably as strong. Ryan bends more pedal spindles than he does cranks, from what I hear.

Also, it’s probably gonna weight a bit more than the suzue, just because it’ll probably have slightly more substantial flanges and more material on the axle. This is just speculation, though.

Steve Howard’s hub is square taper, not splined, from what I remember.

I think the price will stay around the price of the current KH setup, but in this respect my memory gets a little bit foggy. Also, I’m not sure, but I think the cranks won’t have a pinch bolt. The rest of the questions can really only be answered by Kris, although it’s safe to bet that the cranks will come in 140 and 170.

Where did this info come from? And who are the other major unicycle product manufacturers involved?

Steve Howard had a hub on show here to take KH cranks I believe? I think it was an axle/spindle and the flanges just pushed on to it. Looked pretty cool!

Roger of fame posted in a thread from a while back that it is, Onza and Kris Holm unis that are producing the hub/cranks.

I’m just wondering what the difference will be between the branded unicycles, what with hub/cranks being the main selling point.

Kris was riding on one of his proto type munis in Telluride this spring on memorial day, and it was an aluminum frame with the new splined hub with cranks from onza. I think the total weight was fifteen pounds I’m not sure if this was with brakes but I think so. It was a nice looking muni with a flat crown, the vertical legs of the frame tapered in at the top making the crown narrower than the original frame. I hope it makes it to production it would be great to see an afordable lightweight alluminum muni with brakes available. :slight_smile:

Your safe bet was not quite as safe as you might have thought- the cranks come in 140, 150 and 165 mm lengths.

Way to single someone out…basically everything in this thread was wrong.

this really sucks. i just talked to my mom and she said she already ordered a 2004 kh20 about a week ago. should i pay toi send it back and get a 2005 or should i just keep it. I’d lioke to send it back b/c being the spoiled a*s i am i would complain all the time.