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dude! sorry for " braindead " peace.


i found it to be repetitive, some moves were ok keep riding and ppl will respect your style. If you were as good as dan heaton or kevin mcmullin at street or freestyle then you would get alot more respect form me and other riders.

Sorry James. I was feeling silly that night. Were you feeling like a big meanie??

i can hardly wait to show his grandchildren this video when he’s seventy. :stuck_out_tongue:

okay people stop attacking his character, let him be who he wants to be. just turn off the speakers and admire his great riding. he’s got a bit of everything in that video.


you know what I think I will take back what I said this guy just pisses me off if you listen to his bitchin at the begging he says that he helped make this sport what it is, and you know what he didnt so he better just fall in a ditch and break sometin

fuck it just makes me soooo angry

and no reply from the clown himself…

fookin hell, I put that reply on without even watching the video. I watched it without sound. He burned my name! Yeah!

I wondered what the “burn my name” meant in folks replies!

I’m gonna have to get me some headphones in this bitch.

Wahey! This has made my day!



Yay, got some headfones!

some alright moves, some fookin wierd lying on the ground shit, and some plain bad video editting that made it impossible to hear what he was saying when he burnt my name!

What? He burnt the Dark off it? Eh?

So now I’m just Tom am I?


I’m going through to Edinburgh as soon as. He He.