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i looked in your gallery but couldnt find. call me a noob if u want. maybe i just missed it. also could you gimmee a direct link?

I never thought I’d ever see a gangsta rappin’ Clown on a unicycle.

I was thinking the same thing…


Seriusly though, I like your hip-hop style, just not the whiney stuff…

Keep at it…

ive seen you ride dude, i recognise every where in your videos pretty much, i was in a taxi and i spotted you riding, damn i thought i was one of the only unicyclists in edinburgh at the time, but it wasn’t long after that, that i moved back south 12 months ago.

nice vids dude, next time im in edinburgh i’ll give you a shout.

I used to work with te POOKa down on leven street above scotmid, they’re a buch of fire performers based out of the same office as beltane, but non of them ride uni which sucked, most of them can be found on the meadows on a monday night, the fire scene is huge there, just a shame i never had any one to ride uni with in the 9 months i lived in edinburgh… i was more in to fire back then, but all uni this past 1 months.

k i found it. i liked it. i especially liked the beginning where you said you practice everyday and that you really like it. I think thats really awesome.


Man, I must say…you’ve got some serious issues. That whole dialog thing you had was as gay as hell. You make unicycling look a lot worse than it actually is. Take off the makeup and practice if you want to “jump-start” this sport at it’s “early stages”. Sorry for dissing you but seriously.


Stop flipping people off too…it turns me on.

where can I find that movie ?



^Click It^

thanks cati boy :smiley:


haha, he called you cati.

I’m downloading it now, but it doesn’t sound a whole lot better than the original.
But hopefully there will be less hate, and more love… :smiley:

the dissing: You know…for a clown you’re not very funny.
You’re also trying to hard to be “bad boy-ish” too

the praising:But yeah it’s the gratuitis gangsta music, anger and flippin’ people off that make your movies so much fun to watch!

An instant classic.

PS: could you burn my name in your next movie? (or something like that)

yeah yeah, burn me too!!

PS: I’m glad to see that your flipping off has decreased to only two in this movie. Maybe you’re starting to feel the love!! :smiley:

attention seeker thats all he is the riding is good but the whole speach at the begining is a waste of download time. just ride dude:D

give the clown uzi’s :stuck_out_tongue:
get him to rob poeple and stuff…

Klown Life here’s my message to you: Yes yes, being a generally happier person WOULD be better for your moral health but then your videos wouldn’t be as much fun to watch! KEEP’EM ANGRY!!

The movie was quaint, I just thought it was some sermon about you’re problem. And why don’t you think pepole write negativ things about you. When you say in the movie that you hate when people come up to you and say things to you. You most count with that if you goes dress like a clown! If you want pepoles respect you most quiting with all complaining. And dude, stop mix eminem with unicycling. It don’t make any sense!


If you want respect, stop wearing makeup and learn to ride.