next BUC

does anyone know where the next BUC is going to be?

Some where down south? I dont know.


There is a possibility of it being in Leicester, we are currently in talks with venues regarding both hall space, accomodation and catering.

If we manage to work out a deal I will be sure to tell you all but nothing is set in stone yet.

yeha i have heard rumors around that it will be held some place down the south of the country.

great news for me!

we reckon they should have it at our school. it has all the same facilities and stuff as the last one, just more. it is near some good muni as well.

The ‘vibe’ at the last BUC was that the next one will be somewhere near Birmingham (Nuneaton?) if the chaps there can find a venue or in the South West (Ala SWUM)

our school is in the south west, so a whole load of us are goin to try get sarah to host it near us. it would be good as we know 20+ unicyclists who would go but can’t travel more than around 30 miles or so.

This is probably a good time for me to point out that next year, I’ll be awarding a prize to the person who’s unicycled furthest to BUC. Unsupported, preferably from where you live but I’m not fussy if you want to go half way by train or something.

I’ve not quite decided, but if I have the money, the prize will probably be a not insignificant quantity of free beer (or vodka or cider or beverage of your choice).


Does this mean you won’t be unicycling to the next BUC Joe? Unless it’s in Nottingham I can’t see anyone riding further than you.
Sounds like you’ve just offered to buy yourself a very large drink :wink:


Would it count if I unicycled from my home to the airport, then fly to England, then unicycle from the airport to BUC???
Problem is how to take my freestyle uni along with my luggage while riding my Coker. Hmmm, what if I want to include my MUni for next year so I can go on the fun rides?


Kit + Pete from Macclesfield (Pete is the person with the sclumpf uni) said they were wanting to next year. Alan said he’d like to.

Depending on where it is, all of them could potentially be going a bit further than me. Especially if it’s in Leicester which someone suggested was a possibility, that’s just an afternoon’s ride away from me. If it’s in Devon or somewhere in the south west, me riding to it will need quite a bit of time off, so may or may not happen depending on what I’m up to next year.

There are lots of other people capable of doing it, if you’d ridden this year it’d be from further away than me. It doesn’t take insane fitness, just being bothered and taking an extra couple of days off.

There’s always a chance I might persuade Nottingham people with Cokers (that means you John and Gary) to ride, they might ride a bit further than me depending on the direction we start off in.

Connie - this is the perfect argument for getting yourself a schlumpf geared uni, a 29er was great for the muni this year and a geared up uni should be alright for getting yourself places. Surely you’re good enough at freestyle to do it on a 29er! Alternatively, you could join in the annual BUC take random unicycles, ride them and move them to somewhere else game.

Planes/ferries/trains are allowed to go in the middle of your journey to get you from outside the the UK into the UK if anyone really is silly enough to do this from other countries. Not in this country unless they are bona fide cool things and don’t go very far, like the transporter bridge in Middlesbrough, the Poole Harbour ferry, steam railways etc. Obviously the distance is only counted for what you rode.

Incidentally, I’ve got no objection to people getting spare unicycles etc. taken to BUC for them, if you know someone going who’ll take them for you then why not, it’d be silly to miss out on some part of BUC just because you couldn’t find a unicycle to ride. The unsupportedness is that you shouldn’t have a support person following you on the way and you should carry all your tools and spares, clothes, food etc. for the ride with you like on a proper tour.


If all goes according to plan I should be in the French alps next April. If I could find a way of getting my snowboard etc back from France and a coker delivered to France there could well be a beer winning opportunity. My fitness level would be back up after a few months of snowboarding too. Would I have to spend the ferry trip idling or riding round on deck in order to qualify.:smiley:


I’d love to but there’s that, err, thing I need to do…

Actually, if it’s Nuneaton or Leicester, fair enough, even if I do end up riding a coker for hockey and muni. If it’s the same venue as SWUM then maybe not. It is even possible that I might have a proper excuse - yay for final year projects.

What if people ride a silly long way around to get there - is it ridden distance or straight line distance?


Re: next BUC

On Thu, 12 May 2005 03:44:48 -0500, “joemarshall” wrote:

>This is probably a good time for me to point out that next year, I’ll be
>awarding a prize to the person who’s unicycled furthest to BUC.

Somewhat analogously (sp), the participant to the Dutch MUni weekend
2005 who lives farthest away from the location, pays no entry fee. (By
whatever mode of transport he/she comes.)

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Hi Plumsie,

Let me know how you get you get on with the first steps of possibly bring BUC to Leicester next year. If you need any help let me know.

Steven (in Leicester!)

Well, if it’s in Rhyl, I can ride there.
I guess that’s a ‘no’ then.

Hey, im from the nuneaton club.

We’ve talked about it a bit, here are some of our thoughts:

  • NO muni in the local area around leicester really, at least none we’re aware of/ familiar with (let us know if you know any)

  • we need a fairly dedicated team to create something good, and our team might consist of students who are coming up for A-Level exams, so the level of comitment might be dependant on that. i know this is a bit lame but arranging it sounds daunting :roll_eyes:

  • we thought it would be good somewhere in the midlands as it’s kind-of near everyone.

-we havnt done any research into possible venues or anything yet so we cant let you know the situation on that.

also remember we’ve only talked about it briefly, ill instigate a propper discussion next week and report back then,


Shouldn’t be a problem - Muni isn’t compulsory and there have been plenty of BUCs without any - that’s why there is a BMW. I’m sure there is something that isn’t too far to go that’ll be fun for a short pootle - the local MTBers might be able to advise.

The more you can rope in to help, the less any one person has to do (providing the people you get in can be trusted to actually get on with their bit!). There isn’t actually that much to do - put a bunch of unicyclists in a gym and a convention will happen…

Remember too that there are lots of people that will be able to help at the event itself - reffing/judging hockey/freestyle etc.
Don’t be too proud to ask for help from those who have done it before - they’ll be able to give lots of advice.

If you’ve got the people and a venue everything else can be worked around! You know you can do it…


Re: next BUC

gingerfreek wrote:
> Hey, im from the nuneaton club.
> We’ve talked about it a bit, here are some of our thoughts:
> - NO muni in the local area around leicester really, at least none we’re
> aware of/ familiar with (let us know if you know any)

Don’t forget that the peak district isn’t that far off. I’m sure you
could find something within 40 minutes drive - I am told that this is
the approximate distance travelled to go to muni at this years BUC.