NewYear Uni Resolutions

What unicycle related resolutions have you made for the new year (2004)?

For me, I resolved to:

  1. Learn ww and gliding
  2. Ride in another bike ride (goal of 50 miles)
  3. Get better at trials and street

1 ft ww and gliding

1)stay at two unicycles or get down to just one.

2)not build another compleat unicycle for a year,to stressfull

  1. buy everything that i can localy

just to be able to ride (still working on it)

Getting better in Trial,
Side Ride,
1 foot backwards,
walk the wheel backwards ( 1 and 2 foots )
getting better in coasting ( record is now 12 meters / 35 foot )

also i want to learn seat in the side ( because then i will be in skill level 6:p



Fast glide and at least gap 8 stairs and grind. Hopefully when my new trials comes it will be easier.

I want to be able to hop 85 cm (My record: 72 cm)
I also want to be able to stand up wheelwalk


Master Backward

Running Mount

Idle with left foot down as well as right

Ride the ultimate wheel

Standup Wheelwalk

Side Ways Wheelwalk

Wheel Walk Backwards

Unispin( Everyone talked about how easy it was but I still cant get my other foot on)

And the one thing I want to do the most and it will probably be the happiest day of my life when I do, is to hit a handrail (I was going to go for it untill my friends talked me out of it)

Some other stuff I forgot about

actually land an attempt on grinding a handrail and learn to glide

In chronological order:

  1. Be in good shape for Moab and ride it a hell of a lot better than I did last year

  2. One-footin’

  3. 500 miles minimum on my GB 36" over Seattle’s short summer

  4. Get over my lame-ass fear of drops, and own a few more stunts at Gasworks Park


Get on the grass and dirt.:slight_smile:

  • To fall in love wiht my new Nimbus XXX frame (wait i’ve already done that!)

  • Learn new mounts,

  • Idle one footed

  • Ride one footed

I need to
learn to glide
Learn to hop seat out (higher than I can hop seat in)
Go to NAUCC and California MUni Weekend.
Buy a KH24 MUni.
Fiiinally start our Mountain Unicyclists of North Idaho club.

Live through it.

In order:

  1. Finally juggle and idle
  2. Hop up and down curbs with ease
  3. One foot something or other
  4. Hold a cane in a chin balance while idling (this one may be pushing it)

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

why would you let your friends talk you out of something you want to do? they should be pushing you to land that stuff.

anyways for me:
1)land that 10 set handrail that ive tried at least 20 or 30 times on 3 different days and i get hurt on every fall.

2)start 360ing sets and gaps (hopefully at least 6)

3)land crank flips and start doing no foot tricks over gaps.

  1. learn to ride backwards

  2. Idle, in whatever fashion I can learn


  1. Ride more.
  2. Get in better shape.
  3. Ride to work more.
  4. Write more permanent unicycle reference stuff.
  5. Ride more.
  6. Do more for
  7. Go to more unicycling events and group rides.
  8. Did I mention ride more?