well, today we had an awesome downtown trials ride, with myself, james and jeff. Twas good!
check out the videos in the toronto ride section of my gallery!

My gallery

WOW, you are insane!! You are really raising the bar of what is possible in unicycle trials. Keep them vids coming, they rock!


Wow, you guys are def. pushing the limits! That’s awesome and you’re doing really good. I hope to see more videos from you soon. :slight_smile:

You guys ROCK! Great stuff.


That’s just ridiculous! I’m so glad you’ve found yourself a digital camera to use. I’ve been really enjoying visiting your gallery. Keep up the good work! What’s the high jump record these days? 87cm must be getting pretty close.


That post sequence was so cool! Thanks for posting the videos. What a treat. I can do that part at the end where you fall down but the rest is pretty much beyond me.