Newtouni: Progress (17th)

HOLY CRAP!! I can do this!

I ditched the “wall launch” in favor of the more advanced “pole launch”. I got on several 50-60 footers in my 20 minute training session. I was able to have a bit of control as well.

I would speculate that I will be able to ride the distance of my driveway (200ft) by this weekend if I can put the time in (and don’t kill myself).

All BS’ing aside; thanks heaps for all the coaching. I have gotten this far only from the suggestions of this group. Even down to my 1st post of “what do I get”. Other than the two video clips the I have seen posted here, I don’t even recall seeing anyone ride a uni.

Thanks again.

Great news! You’ll be off road in no time! Keep up the good work.


My initial progress was a lot like yours. Except replace Day 1 with Week 1 and Day 2 with Week 2 …etc.


Isn’t it awesome when you actually feel yourself correcting? Instead of it being a “just a few feet further before i fall off!” its “I’m just going!”