Newtouni: Day Two

See: because I had the same results.

No progress on day two. :angry:


do not despair

Learning comes in big spurts sometimes. Don’t get frustrated. You’ll get there. keep your weight on the seat.

When I learned, I didn’t really progress for about 2 weeks. It didn’t help that i had a uni that was too tall for me and i couldn’t adjust it any lower. I think that was the biggest problem for me. I would think that it would take a few days to develop the skills necessary to ride the thing any significant distance.

I agree with harper in that learning comes in spurts. The first spurt takes a bit of time to reach. After a bit, you’ll find that you’ll go from 2 rotations of the pedals all the way up to 10 or so.

In my experience, one of the biggest parts of learning is determination. But don’t overdo it when you go out. You’ll find that you’ll progress a little bit, but if you push yourself too much, you’ll feel like you’re progressing backwards. So go out for a bit, then take a good break, and later on, try again. It’s your mind that needs a break, not your body. keeping yourself balanced over one point on the ground uses a lot of brain power. I’ve taught a couple people to ride, and to me it seems like encouraging them to take a break at the right time speeds up the learning curve. Maybe somebody else has observed that as well. I’d say try for 30 minutes at a time max; you’ll figure out what a good time is for you after another day or so (if you haven’t already).

Thanks guys. The comments that I have gotten here have been great.

I know I’ll figure it out if I stick with it. It seems pretty impossible. But I once thought that track standing a pedal bike was impossible and now it seems too easy.

Thanks again.

I find that the problem most people have when learning is they step off the unicycle when they feel themselves falling. Just keep pedalling, and you won’t fall as soon. It took me about a week to figure this out, and then I caught on very quickly afterwards.

Keep practicing Newtouni. It uni was easy, everyone would ride one. Soon, you will be a member of an elite Brotherhood of the few, the proud, the Uniriders.

Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice… Ride!
Give up, Quit, say you can’y do it… Never Ride!
It’s as simple as that. --chirokid–

…is it just me or is James trying to kill Newtouni? :smiley:

Seriously though this advice sounds good, but when I lose my balance i seem to have to get my feet out underneath me pretty quickly. It is true though that once you have some experience you can recover from many imbalances that threw you off before.

Great. I got some that are trying to kill me and some that are trying to help me and no way to know the difference…


Remember: as long as you are falling forward, you can try to pedal out of it, you are probably only going to land on your (WRISTGAURDS!!!)
Do not try to pedal out of a backwards all, just steop off to the back!

Keep at it :slight_smile: