Newtouni: Day 3

I need a longer wall. I made so-so progress today.


Longer wall? Progress? Great job! You’ll be one of us soon. --chirokid–

Wall? You don’t need no stinkin wall! Use it for a launching off point and fly! I just used a stair and kept launching off time and time again until I could ride. First it was five feet, then ten and eventually 30+. After that it was just a matter of refinement.

Buggsee, speaking of stairs, those fellows on “Under No Influence” sure did ride stairs good. I wanna do that. Are you that good on stairs? As a kid I once rode down 69 steps. That was on my 24" Schwinn with 60 lbs tire… OUCH!

Sorry to steal your post Newtouni. Soon you’ll be trying stairs too. --chirokid–

Oh yea no problem. I did one stair a couple of times.:smiley: No I take that back I did 2 at the Atlanta Unicycle Club meeting back in November.