Newspaper Pic of me Unicycling

I love to see unicycles getting press and the public’s attention. Not much for a story, but a pic says 1000 words.

This is in our local paper - Lake Villa Record. Lake Villa is a suburb 40 miles north of Chicago.

I have 1400 miles so far this season on my Coker. The season will be coming to an end soon:(

its always fun to see yourself in the local media, and newspaper is great because you have something that you can keep.


I made it in my university’s newspaper last spring for the circus arts class my friends teach. However someone made an interesting layout choice and as a result the picture looks as if its associated with the article shown below.

Although, all things considered, its more fun that it got printed this way. And it implies that even though I apparently have many STDs, because of the increasing rates it would seem that im getting plenty of action.

and on this topic, my Coker made it on the front page of the city newspaper last spring as well (unfortunately not with me on it). My roommates were assisting eachother in learning to ride it.

and while im bragging…sort of…i also made it on the front page of the city newspaper last spring but for slacklining. Great picture.

Riding high eh? And contracting STD’s?

Com’on that just not cricket.

Congrats. I’ve always wanted to be in the paper, but since I just do freestyle in my neighborhood, I’ve never get the chance to be noticed by media. Do those of you, when getting in the paper, seek the attention?

not explicitly…but i do find the most populated parks in town to practice

Re: Newspaper Pic of me Unicycling

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I’ve been seeing a few of these lately. Gilby, is there a problem with
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and that works? cuz id like to be in the paper but i dont think i should jsut write to them saying i want in, cuz everyone wants in. only thing ive been in the paper for was a silly book review

Small local papers are glad to get calls about “stories”. If the paper is small enough “Local Kid Rides Unicycle” is a good story and they’d proably love to send a reporter and photographer over to your house to get the story.

i was unicycling at a charity event when i was in the news and my friends were in the paper, we were mainly there cause we got out of class if we signed up and we heard there was a prize for the most ingenious way aorund the school track (turns out there wasnt)

so if you really want to be on tv or in the newspaper i would go to a charity event or somewhere the media will be filming the public alot.

So n9jvc, are you riding (in the first pic in the thread) with toe clips?