Newspaper photos of Anna Jinks and Forrest Rackard

Hey guys the newspaper shot pics of and interviewed me and Anna today. It was raining outside so we got to ride in my school’s cafeteria! My principal let us. Oh and the photographer said we’d be on the front page tomorrow with a full story! Well hope ya like the pics:)

Dude forrest that’s way tight!!! looks like yall had a fun time!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up.

thats great, you’s are awesome! :slight_smile:

Pat, Devin, and I are being interviewed on Friday XD

Y’all pwn.:slight_smile:

Did you bust a 9 spin?

Cool pics btw

thanks everyone for the comments! no i didn’t land a 9but a tried a few.

here’s a vid they put out made by NWF daily news.

Nice1! I did a newspaper interview yesterday.

nice, man. I liked the leg kick thing after the 3 spin at the end:p