Newspaper Article(featuring me)

I was recently in a few local papers. I just found that one of the articles was posted online:

Since I found out my mom could unicycle, my friend and I learned. And now we have about 15 people that can ride in my neighborhood. It’s kinda sad that no one else really practices though, most can only ride and mount, and we all ride together once a year for a Memorial day parade. I mostly ride alone, and every once in a while I travel an hour to ride with Max and Jon(Any Terrain, Jon B) in the suburbs of Chicago.

So yea, it’s good exposure though. I’ve had countless people tell me they saw the article (and in the one in the other newspaper). Comments appreciated.

Cool, I like your uni.

Awesome. How did the magazine people find out about you and contact you etc…?

Great! Congratulations. I read the article and enjoyed it a lot.

My dad got the idea and insisted that he email all the local papers:p. I didn’t want to be interviewed really, but it wasn’t bad.

They got the website wrong!

It’s pretty cool that you’re in the news. Congratulations.

yea i know lol. The other article had even more mistakes. Nothings perfect:o

I can’t see it. :frowning: (it says Safari can’t find the server)