Newspaper article about my bus/unicycle commute

Local paper did an article about my bus/unicycle commute.

My 15 minutes of fame.


Have you had any issues taking the unicycle on the bus?
What size wheel is it?

no issues

It’s a 29 inch wheel. I had a situation once where the driver contacted the dispatcher to see if it was OK. Other than that, no issues.

I just came back from a vacation where I brought a 24 on the bus in Portland, Oregon. No issues. I did call the transit company first and ask. I believe their rule is that anything the size of a folding bike is OK.

My Coker may be another story :slight_smile:


Benefits are twofold for Wu: He has cut his transportation cost from more than $200 per month to about $100 month, saves energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Since when has breathing been known to pollute?

Awesome story though.