Newsmagazin appearance


I’m sure most of r.s.u.-readers know Wolfgang Stroessner of Berlin, Germany. He
appeared in a small article in the German news magazin “Focus”. The article says
“he gets his kicks from normal bikers looking astonished when he cruises down
the street in heavy traffic” (quoting from my mind). Furthermore the article
says that while he still lived in Augsburg, Germany, he was stoped by police
because lights and brakes at his uni were missing. He put lights and brakes at
his uni and even got a kind of license. Now as he’s living in Berlin, police
doesn’t annoy him anymore. The only comment of an officer was “were can I buy
such a thing”. The article showed a picture of Wolfgang’s fully equiped
unicycle: lights, breaks, handlebar (mounted at the saddle) and a
the-thingy-you-can-put-your-luggage-on (?).

Congratulations Wolfgang! (For German readers: Focus 5/1998).

BTW, what’s this licence thing in Augsburg? And are you wearing Reebok boots for
unicycling? I do and I do like them for this purpose. Not only do they look
good, but they are flexible and thin enough to provide good contact and feeling
for the uni.


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