Newsgroup statistics for 2004

The new stats page for 2004 is up.

  • Wonder who was the number 1 poster to in 2004?
  • Want to see whether the newsgroup has again become busier over the
  • Which ones were the longest threads (with links to them)?
  • And, if you’re in the top-100 posters, find out about your own
    posting behaviour.

All this and more to be found at

Useless but fun!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

John Foss posted more than me. :slight_smile: (as measured in bytes)

Once again, that was a very interesting read. Thanks Klaas. 2004 was a good year and I hope 2005 will be even better; in RSU as well as the real world. If only I could spend as much time riding as I do on this site.


Intersting…thanks Klass. I guess I failed last year’s resolution to spend less time on the internet talking about unicycles. :slight_smile:


very interesting as usual

JC, congrats on the #1 slot. It’s interesting, as there were some that made it pretty high up the list based on only a few months of frequent, content lean posts. In my book, you were #1 not just on numbers of posts, but also on posting of truly usefull information. There are lots of posters with good things to say and helpful things to contribute, but IMHO you top the list.

Klass, it would be intersting to see a breakdown of this same list, showing the number of threads each person started, versus the number of threads each person finished. I bet with John Childs, we’d find that he starts very few, but is the Final Word on many many threads.

JC: You get my nomination for the 2004 RSU MVP Award (Most Valuable Poster). Thanks for all your help.

Very awesome. Thank you once again for pulling it off.

Cool…Very Interesting. Hey i’m #39 :wink:

it seems as though there is one oversight, the fist email you listed is actually a mistake on my part. there was a time when i was toying around with the Usenet interface and in the first post i made i accidentally used my fathers usenet details. the email he had entered was a short version of his real email (supposed to be jsmit) but the “unixg” is just part of the server information at the University of British Columbia (ubc) so the “uni” is just a coincidental accident. if that makes any sense. kinda threw me off for a minute when i saw his email first on the list.

so make that 132:)

and once again i can’t read the page as the nanay software here at work won’t allow me to access Klaas’s site…

Can you also produce stats on how well the posts were written? Then we could institute a Best Grammar Award …

I was going to ask when this was coming out. Its fun to see when everybody posts and how much. It was fun for me too because I’m on the list this time round. #41! Thanks Klass.

big thanx to the two forumites who took it upon themselves to help me get to have a look at Klaas’s stats
JayneZA copied and emailed me the page and John Childs sent me a mirrored link to the site that worked, providing i don’t break it with a pair of scissors while running in the house on full moon, or something like that
thank u’s!

and i have to say an amazingly large THANK YOU to klaas for all his work in getting, keeping and processing all the info required to create something like this
i have no idea what it takes but it strikes me as a year-long commitment and it does make for very kewl reading

klaas, please go buy yourself a beer


Kudos to Klaas!

Fascinating reading, Klaas. I’m definitely with Tomblackwood on the type of post John Childs makes - his final word often makes me wish I could have said something more profound when I posted!

And I suddenly find myself with a New Year’s Resolution after all - to make it onto the top 100 posters of 2005!

Now, what to write…?

Hey, here’s number 1!

i think we should decorate a Guiness Glass with that logo so John can use it an avatar for the next year

where are the photoshoppers?

I was a Wordbender for the same good cause, see this thread.

I’ll respond to the stats comments later.

Klaas Bil

The consistancy of what days get the most posts is what I find most interesting:





Very interesting as ever . The fact that we now have broadband really shows in my posting behaviour! I could even see that we got it in Feb! Looking at the last few years I see I’m slipping down the top 100 year on year despite posting MORE year on year, must be all these newcomers! Well actully I’m a bit higher up the list than 2003, but that was the year I moved house and had almost no web access for 4 months.


Hey Guild, I love the way you already have three posts just in this thread. :wink: I was going to qoute you, but realized that is in the stats as well.:smiley: I most resolve to spend less or more time on this board, either get in the top 10 or drop off a few hundred posts. I am not sure which is better.

Andrew… I got your back.

From 2003 to 2004, I dropped from #39 to #453 (as uni57).

Klaas – thank you!