News from NAUCC 2005???

Has anyone heard or seen a post from anyone at the Nationals in Bowling Green? Today is third day and usually someone does some posts by now. Weather?.. how many participants? … how the schedual is going? … Photos?.. how about ANYTHING? Anybody there?

What I have heard:
PPUT’s trailer arrived on Sunday. The team arrived by Monday.
They lost all of the hockey and basketball games. The elderly men’s team lost hockey 2-46. That gym had A/C but the gym for artistic does not have it. Weather has been hot, high 80’s.
The kids have been in the pool at the hotel.

Some results in…

Artistic all finished now, but not all of results (mostly age group) have been announced yet. So, I’m not telling.

Standard Skill:
Expert Female

  1. Amy Shields
  2. Jan Bunger*
  3. Christy Grider
    ** Jan did a PERFECT standard skill routine. This is the only time that this has happened at the top five places. Very impressive!

Expert Male

  1. Ryan Woessner
  2. Jamey Mossengren
  3. Brian Shields

Individual Freestyle (North American competitors only)
Expert Female

  1. Amy Shields
  2. Christy Grider
  3. Nicole Crook

Expert Male

  1. Ryan Woessner
  2. Brian Shields

Pairs Freestyle

  1. Amy Shields & Ryan Woessner
  2. Jamey Mossengren & Lindsey Johnson
  3. Christy Grider & Connie Cotter

Club Show

  1. TCUC
  2. Panther Pride
  3. WOW

2005 NAUCC Artistic Chief Judge

Thanks Barb,

Thanks Connie - Keep us posted


Was Ryan’s freestyle routine basically the same as last year, or has he come up with something even better?

The track racing is done now too.

Expert Racers

  1. Amy Shields (TCUC)
  2. Nicole Crook (PP)
  3. Michaela Horst (The C.L.U.B)
  4. Wendy Grzych (RTUC)
  5. Karen Barreto (PR)
    ** I mention the clubs above because I think this is one of the first times that the top five places were from 5 different clubs/groups! Also amazing is that this NAUCC is Michaela’s first time competing.


  1. Ryan Woessner
  2. Kevin Gilbertson
  3. Isaiah Leitz

Club Show

  1. TCUC
  2. Panther Pride Unicycle Team
  3. WOW

Group Freestyle

  1. Minnesota Magic (from TCUC)
  2. Electro Boy (from TCUC)
  3. Perfectoroonies (from Panther Pride)


  1. RTUC & TCUC (tie)
  2. WOW
  3. The C.L.U.B.

Other events: Lots of other events and results. But one notable thing was that Zack Baldwin cleared 95cm in the high jump.

I’ll be missing the marathon, Trials, MUni as I’m off to Europe today for the Alps Uni Tour.

Some other news:
NAUCC 2006: Memphis, TN in July. The originally announced dates of early July may be changed depending on availability of venue.
New USA officers:
President: me
Vice-President: Tommy Thompson
Secretary: Scott Arnold
Treasurer: Steve Shields
Editor: Alan Tepper
new Director: Andrew Wrobel

Ryan’s routine is new. He had some brand new transitions and some new variations on skills. I’m sure someone will be posting videos.


Thanks for posting the results, Connie.

Since Connie is in Europe, could someone else from TCUC (or anyone who knows) tell me Minnesota Magic and ElectroBoy are?

I just got back from NAUCC last night.

Zack Baldwin set a new high jump record at 95 cm. He tried for 97 cm and got really close but didnt land it. Also, on sunday i am pretty sure he won the trials competition because he completed 26 of 27 sections.

Jeff Groves jumped his BC wheel 71.5 cm (i think it was 71.5 i am not totally sure though) in the high jump.

ya naucc was sweet! I was going for a meter over a bar and came really close 3 times but do to an injury I got during a trials demo I couldnt bend my knees enough to clear it. I’ll just get it next year I guess. Cant wait to see everyone next year!

Later, Zack

Is that seat in or seat out? Static or rolling?

Doesn’t someone jump higher than that in the defect trailer?

It was seat out static.

Zack jumped 95 cm over a bar and landed on the other side. This was done seat out with a prehop. Zach was easily hitting this height, even with a bum leg. I will expect he will hit 100cm next year.

Jeff’s official height was 71.7cm on the BC wheel and was a rolling hop. He was required to roll in control for 10 feet after clearing the bar. He actually cleared it many times at much higher settings, but didn’t have control for the full 10 feet.

NVM about the higher jump in defect. I watched it again, and it looks high, but not that high.

Ya NAUCC 2005 was a good ol time. You all have heard most of the results by now but if you have any questions post them and I"m sure someone will be able to answer them.

Jethro: Minnesota Magic was Ryan Woesner, Amy Shields, Gilby, Becca, Ryan’s brother who’s name I can’t think of and one other person who I can’t think of right now (probably due to driving right after Muni all night to MN where I’m currently “working” and so I had very little sleep). ElectroBoy consisted of Connie Cotter, Christy Grider and Neil.

if there is anyone who took any pictures of the Expert pairs freestyle competition in the show and has any of Jamey and I in our routine, i would love it if you could email me a few at
i haven’t seen any pict’s or video yet and am looking forward to seeing some.
thanks to everyone who helped put together this year’s nationals, it was great fun!

Thanks, Jamey. So Neil was actually able to wear those pants without getting arrested or beat up.

I would just like to mention that in the results Kaori Mattsuzawa had what I would have to say was an outstanding performance and tied for (I believe) second in the artistic womens competition.

Personally I don’t see why she was not mentioned in the results as posted earlier, she may not be from north america but she still deserves to be mentioned.

she deserves to be mentioned, although she did not “officially” place because she is not from the U.S which is why they HAD to tie her with someone, because she cannot have the official title. (something like that was how it was explained to me at one point)

It’s that she is not a citizen of any of the North American countries. This was a new rule that was instituted prior NAUCC/UNICON in WA. It was intended to prevent NAUCC being treated as a warmup to UNICON for international competitors. Personally, I think it was missaplied in this situation. It was my understanding that the Japanese competitors were here as students. That makes them residents with a Visa, not just tourists.

Kaori had an amazing routine, that really had a strong visual appeal. She didn’t do as many skills as Amy(who was also spectacular) but it really isn’t comparable. I can’t understand after seeing the two routines how Kaori tied for second, unless it was for convenience, or that # of skills performed is more important than the visual appeal of the performance. I know if it was a try out for a paid gig, Kaori was more marketable. Of course my opinion is just that, and I really don’t have any idea what criteria is used for judging the freestyle routines.

Yes, Kaori had a great routine and falless/flawless if I remember correctly. Now if I were a judge I would have tied her for first place not second. As for who’s was better Amy’s or Kaori’s that depends on who you ask. As for presentation I’d say they were pretty equal, Amy had great smiles and good hand movements for most of her tricks along with great eye contact. Koari also had excellent hand motions and great presentation (more of a drama routine than a happy smiley routine-which she pulled off quite good).

The difficutly is where the trouble lies. I’m guessing Amy did almost twice as many tricks (level 6 and higher or so) as Kaori. But Amy fell 3 or 4 times while Kaori didn’t at all. So what’s better? Having a lot more tricks and falling or having not as many tricks and not falling? Personally if I were a judge, I’m pretty harsh when it comes to falls. If you’re going to go expert you should not have more than 2 falls period. How many expert ice skaters do you see falling more than once in their routines? Not too many. So if I were a judge I would have said they both had the same difficulty and same presentation resulting in a tie for first.

That’s my 2 cents on it.