News from Coker Cycles

I emailed coker cycles in an effort to try to obtain some concrete info on the new, “improved” coker that’s supposed to be unvailed in the coming weeks. I inquired specifically about whether they would be offering a better rim, namely a double walled aluminum like the airfoil. Here’s the response, which is ecouraging to me!

<<Hello Terry,

Thanks for your inquiry. Although I can not go into much detail
at this point, (legal reasons and all) I can tell you that we will be
offering a new double-walled aluminum rim that will replace the old steel rim
on all our our new models. In addition to the new complete unicycles, we’ll
be selling rims and hubs separately. Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing more
information in the coming weeks.

Best regards,


Kendall Kaylor
Senior Product Manager

Coker Cycle Company>>

Hell yes!

They should be the same size diameter wise to the steel rims too, seeing how its the same company making it. :slight_smile:

Yep! So I’m DEFINITELY waiting to see the new coker before I buy a 36er! I’ve got Vivalargo’s KH 29er with 137mm’s to tide me over 'till then!:smiley:

Wohoo! This is terrific news, finally a new rim. Also, a new hub? Hmm, I wonder if they did anything fancy with the hubs… ISIS, geared?

As long as it a W I D E hob I’ll be happy!

That IS good news! Interesting that they are making their own hub…very curious.

I emailed them back making it known that we want a WIDE hub, not that old narrow unstable suzie deal.


That adds some more items to my shopping list:

-New rim
-Stainless Steel Spokes
-KH FF Saddle
-Jim C’s

I think the current UDC extra-wide hub might actually be too wide. I think it has introduced a little bit more wobble in my ride. …but yeah, the suzue is way narrow.

I find it interesting that they’re going to sell their hub individually. That must mean that they’re making a new hub and not using an existing one.

Why? :thinking:

cough QU-AX cough.

As far as hubs go, it takes a little longer than a few months to manufacture, from nothing, a geared hub. Also, there are no ISIS spindles wide enough to produce a wide-isis, again it would need designing and machining from scratch, something I don’t think coker are willing to do since (IMHO) they currently hold the ‘cheap & functional’ segment of the 36 market and this would be prohibitively expensive.


sweet! they’re coming out with more than one. now i’ve got to make the choice between saving up for this or a trials.

coughImpossible to get into the US for a reasonable price and lacking a braking surface!cough

cough I gave UDC my name and number and requested they order a 36" qu-ax as part of their container shipment cough
hack the more people that do the same the more likely they are to bring it hack
wheeze across the pond wheeze
ghost I guess I’ll wait a little longer to see what the new coker is like ghost

No-braking surface? 48-spokes? I’ll pass.

I can see how no braking surface would make this a no-go for some people but how can you have anything against a 48 spoke rim on a 36"er? (weight weenie)

Yup me too!

…Except apparently the newer Coker tires are a different size than the older ones? As that plot continues to thicken, I hope somebody is paying attention and speaking up to all these guys before we end up with all sorts of parts that don’t fit together!

New rim sounds nice. Mostly I think they’ll be trying to upgrade while keeping the price as low as they can. Can’t wait to see the result!

What we need is more competition, i.e., more suppliers/retailers that carry the higher end unis, parts and accessories. That’s what makes prices competetive, and gives consumers more choices!

Bit late but still funny.