News coverage -Commute another way

A while back, someone stopped be while riding my unicycle on campus and asked me to participate in “Commute Another Way Day”. It’a basically a day to support bus rides, bikes, and any other alternative transportation. So I called up my friends Tim and Scott and we all went down to the city square to just show off and have fun. They had free cake and lemonade, plus made bus rides free all day. We were there to just ride and have fun and bask in the attention :smiley:

I recorded some news footage from the event. There;s a shot of my back, Tim doing some hopping, and the three of us standing and clapping for the mayor’s speech. The spots are mostly about the buses, but it’s still fun to be on the news.

5mb divx encoded

Pretty cool indeed. Congratulations…your now a television star. :wink:

Let’s face it, with unicycling, I’ve always been a tv star, I’m just know getting some recognition.