NEWS ARTICLE: "On a wheel and a prayer"

HEre’s link to our recent news article. As usual, there are several mis-quotes (the quote attributed to me was never uttered!) and mis-information, (like my age! :astonished: ) but at least it’s helping to get our sport some recognition. The link below is to the web version-I haven’t yet seen the actual paper-which I think has many more pics and a more complete write-up.

The part about being a cruise ship ventriloquist was made up, right?

Seriously, nice article.

Yeah, they made up my quote too, never said anything like that!! But what fun!!

“A mountain unicycle frame runs about $100 for the entry level Torker LX model to $500 for the muni-icon Kris Holm model. Each uses a 24-inch knobby, double- walled tire (not included) with a reinforced aluminum rim and 36 spokes.”

I love reporters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for long…

What’s a wheelie on a unicycle, I wonder? :roll_eyes:

But yes, nice article. :slight_smile:

No that one was accurate! But I only did the cruise ship thing once; most of my show-biz career was in comedy clubs, TV guest appearances and a few commercials.:smiley:

Despite the many misquotes and misrepresentations (WTF is a double-walled tire?) it’s great to get Muni in the press. Awesome article! I love the picture… you guys look like a one wheeled attack squad.

Nice article. You don’t look 51! It must be all the unicycling that keeps you in shape :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked:

skeleton-jostling, oh really?

cool to see muni in the paper, I saw an article about 4-5 years ago (?) with kris holm and iit had the exact same title on it :sunglasses:

It’s amazing how horrible news articles can seem when you’re familiar with the stuff.

Great article, Terry.

I can hear it now:
“Oh, oh, were half way there! Oh, oh! One wheel and a prayer!”

I’m actually not 51…yet! (“Only” 50.:D) But, just another of the numerous misquotes made by the reporter. I especially liked the “double-walled tire” misquote! But yeah, muni will definitley keep you in shape!