news article-FRONT PAGE!!


come on dude, just do it…it’ll be well worth it, I gaurantee you

yea today i was gonna do it but she wasnt there. so probably tomorrow she’ll be there. maybe.

Great article and good luck with the girl.


Heh… the local newspaper wants to interview me once a year it seems… It does get old, but congrats on getting covered. I didn’t read the whole article (stopped at page 2), but did they mention

A very nice piece. Great, positive exposure for the unicycling community.
Good job.
Now get the girl so we can cue the music and roll the credits.

very cool i was waiting to see the article, now I finally did… congrats!

Some of them don’t actually read it; they just look at the pictures. Not a problem in this case, great story and pix!

Right on, nice article Johnny! I liked how they had the “more info” part… newspapers generally don’t seem to give enough related resources.