news article-FRONT PAGE!!

So here’s the scanned image. Pretty cool. It says at the bottom of the paper that this is read by 94,200 people a day. I got soooo many comments today. It was a big article so it contiued to the next page. So yea, here it is.

Thanks guys,

nice, thats a very impressive article.
now, go get 'er!

Ha, awsome, that’s acctually way better than being on the news for 60 seconds!

The last 3 lines sounds like what shaun said. Nice work dude.


by the way…SWEET shoes

go you!

Wow, nice article. Didn’t expect it to be that long.

aww i want an article about me!!! lol

Once again, a great service to the community. Publicity is important and it is really needed to make a sport grow. This is one way of scoring free publicity, so congrats! It was really long… Amazing, and nice work :slight_smile:

awesome, It’s funny how they put the really long link in the paper.

thats awsome! you got like 2 pages! congratulations!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I want a unicycle with an elongated seat…

Thats really cool…:slight_smile:

yea the attention was rad, but i didnt get it from the only person that counted.:frowning: whatever. tomorrow i just got to talk to her ya know. nothin to it.:o

yeah, it’ll be easy! (:

Hey Chosen,
fantastic coverage. Save many copies.

You should talk to her. Is this the one I told you to wink at?

Good luck. Just be yourself.


she didnt notice!!
and that long link was cool, i wounder if anyone actually typed it it

blake, as youre a woman, if i dont talk tuh her tomorrow i want you to send me angry pm’s. and call my house and yell at me. yeah

she noticed. it was brought up punlicy in that class (among other classes). i could tell she wanted to talk to me but didnt.


If you could tell she wanted to talk, then hey, nothing to worry about. Talk to her!

In any case, girl or no girl, you’re great. You do amazing things that’s why you made the front page. Rest on your laurels and enjoy what you’ve got for a spell!

Oh yeah, don’t spit for her. Probably won’t impress her near as much as wheel walking.

do it or i’ll have my GRANDMA call you.:smiley: :astonished: :thinking: