Newest vid - an entry for the Joline comp i didnt get in on time

here it is! enjoy.

Dude! If only you had sent it a bit quicker! I would loved to have put it in the competition! :frowning:
Nice vid though, an a good cover of the song. Look out for more video challenges soon!


Thanks for the reply!
The fact I didnt get in in on time doesnt bother me too much, I enjoyed filming and editing it and thats the main point. right?

Bang on! Thats the idea. As long as you had fun, thats all that matters really. Thanks for going to the effort of making a video for the comp :slight_smile:


your ridings getting pretty good. I dont know what everyone else thinks, one thing I noteced is that when you hop you hop towards your hand that you hold the seat with. I would definatly say this is a bad thing that will probably limit your riding as you get better. I think you would be better off learning to hop either holding the sadle with your other hand or hopping to the other side. Learning to hop with the other hand is probably best, I think most people favour towards there front foot.

watch again, i can hop blind aswel lol

Yeah he hops just aswell both ways.

Pretty good video. The worst thing about it was the singer’s voice.

I almost used that version but I just found the voice too annoying :smiley: I wish you would have gotten it in time mang!

It was a toss up between a style of music thats more to my taste and the better singer. I went with the fav music.

Glad you liked it!