Newer link to trials uni video..

Sorry about all the confusion people, luckily gilby gave me some web space
so this link won’t die: I plan to put all my
future videos in that web space to avoid confusion… Thanks for your
time and patience, and comments(i’m still open for more…) Chance

On 23/5/01 7:15 am, Chance Redfern posted:

> Sorry about all the confusion people, luckily gilby gave me some web
> space so this link won’t die:

…I still got “The page you are attempting to access has been removed
because it violated Angelfire’s Terms of Service” when I tried this one.

Trevor Coultart (Anecdotal and/or amusing quotation currently unavailable)


The video worked fine for me. You have a good start going on. I also do trials, but on a 24" uni. Words of advice. Eliminate those extra hops, because they are not good. Learn to stall (stillstand) instead of hopping. It makes your style look so much cleaner.

An idea to try, would be to make a 90 degree swivel in the air, where the ridge betweed boards and roofing material are, and land on one of the boards and ride down it.

You want to do that so you can front hop off of it and ROLL out of your landings. To do that, you land with most of your weight on your forward pedal. That is good technique.

Otherwise, if you continue to side hop the whole incline, you have a great chance of damaging the wheel.

Another thing to think about is learning pedal grabs, and Jumping (hopping with seat out in front). Those are pretty important.

Good luck, great job so far, I have only done trials for about 1 month, because i get better naturally, and I have used all these techniques that all the pros will tell you about too! The techniques make it so i develope skill naturally!


I do all my trials on 24" and plan to keep doing that. I think its the
best all round use, and still small enough to manage on technical stuff. I
find 20" too small as I almost always climb the last three inches of big
jumps using the tire of the 24" and lots of torque. Extra momentum from
faster approaches on a 24" help this also. The smaller 20" wheels don’t
allow this. I don’t know what other people think but I also find that the
20" wobbles a lot more when I ride which makes it hard to balance along
narrow items. Maybe that is just from my neglecting the 20" though.

Mike the Unipsycho

“Kris Holm” <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> It seems that most people getting into trials these days are using a
mod-style uni. I’m just
> wondering, how many people out there doing trials are using a 24" wheel?
> I’ve chosen to stick with the 24" setup (with a lightweight slick 24x3"
tire) because the Profile
> axle is so much stronger, and because I feel this setup is better for
natural terrain trials (plus
> some urban stuff like gaps perpendicular to railings). Granted it’s not
nearly as good for street
> freestyle.
> It’s interesting that this sport seems to be evolving into
> similar styles
to bikes, ie. bmx, mod
> bike and stock bike styles.
> -Kris.
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