I am a newcomer to the one-wheel set myself. The best resource I know of in
Toronto for unicycling equipment and club activities is Darren Bedford - see the
FAQ for his address.

Good luck and watch for black ice!


Hello everyone ! I’d like to introduce myself as a new subscriber to this list.

I recently bought a used unicycle from a local ‘antique’ store. They seemed
amazed that someone would actually buy it. I have always been intrigued by
unicycles and have hankered after one since I was a kid.

My initial attempts at riding have been hanging onto the lamp post outside my
house with white knuckles, while questioning if I still have any motor skills.
My wife suggested that I run away and join the circus to learn, but I suspect
she has an ulterior motive.

On a more serious note, I am fascinated by all things uni, bi and tricycular.
I’m president of a local recumbent bicycle club and participate in human powered
vehicle events as often as I can.

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