>Hello everyone!
> I’m a university student at University of Toronto in Canada. I decided to
> join this list because I’m considering buying a unicycle to get around more
> easily: a bike seems too cumbersome most of the time and the public
> transportation is usually very inconvenient.
> I hope that some of you can help me out. I’d like to find a unicycle dealer
> in Toronto and get more information on what I should be looking for and what
> I might want to avoid. I’ve already read the FAQ on ftp, but I still feel as
> if I should know more.
>Thanks alot,

I don’t know anything about Toronto, maybe somebody on rec.juggling could help
you out if noone on this mailing list is from there. I was just helping a friend
today who would like to learn (using my unicycle :-), be forewarned, it’s a
several week project to get proficient at it, and we’re not talking about going
up curbs yet. For doing distances, I would recommend a 24" wheel. I find that
unicycling speedwise is midway between biking and walking (about 7mph, uh 11
kph?). Sorry I can’t help you out more specifically. /

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| Leesburg, Virginia USA
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