Newbish uni names. MONOPEDAL?

I was out and about when i passed a family on the footpath.
“what’s he riding dad?”
said the small boy
“Why that’s a monopedal , son”
replied the father matter-of-factly.

what a jackass, has anyone else heard any alternative names like this from passers by?

Unicorn. Thats my favorite that people mix us up with myths. It doesnt matter age either a lot of different aged and types of people say it.

this is Tim by the way.

I’ve gotten unicorn lots before, even by adults. Kids call it a one-wheeler. DUmber people have called it a “one…tire…thing…”

And also comon trycicle, unibike, wheel-E-bike…

oh, and monobicycle

i’ve never heard unicorn though

Got a ‘wow, a one wheeled bike’ yesterday while carrying it through a McDonalds in Stratford… Idiots.


Re: Newbish uni names. MONOPEDAL?

The funniest thing a over stimulated, over excited kid, high on a
additives and sugar said was…
“Ooo Arghh A… A… ooo a trampoline bike”
and continued to laugh hysterically and shake violently…

my boss at work, being the pompous, ignorant fellow he is, insists on
asking most monday mornings whether i had been on out on my
“monocycle / moped”
I would like to point out i have on several occasions pointed out, in
great detail, the dfferences between a unicycle and a monocycle,
and that a Moped is entirly different!


My Dad calls mine a tricycle :roll_eyes:

Unibicycle, Unibike, One wheeled bicycle, and my favorite…POGOSTICK!?

I got a unibrow one time. The girl insisted on calling it a unibrow even after her friend corected her. It got rather annoying.

The best I ever heard was

“look, that guy’s riding a …(pauses while thinking)… thing”

But a lot of the local kids call it a “onecycle” which I kinda like.


Usually the dumbest namings seem to come from parents who are trying to be educational to small children. The kids themselves may come up with dumber names, but those are funny!

One of my favorites, because it came from an adult (can’t remember if he was a mtn biker or hiker), who called it a “One-wheeled unibikel!”

A lot of times, I think we hear funny names like these because the people are trying to say what they’re seeing while there’s still time to point it out to whoever they’re with. Usually they have only a few seconds, so you get lots of fun words!