Newbie's first experience.

I got my first uni yesterday: A torker LX. i intended to try it out
yesterday… got it put together and whatnot, but the seat post was too
high (surprise). so today i cut it down about 4", and it’s perfect.
I’m going to get my balance down mostly indoors and out on my patio.
Overall though, for 15min of practice (more later… lots more) I’m at
the point where going a half rev, sometimes a full rev, each direction,
i’m at the point where im flailing my arms, not touching the sofa, just
bumping it a little with my knee as need be. I felt confident when i
decided to learn, and i’m proof: confidence PAYS !


Welcome to the forums and welcome to the wonderfull world of wone wheel.

Keep up the practising and keep us updated with your progress, will ya?

Do it big, McNerdius!