Newbie's daughter achieves Zen!!

Great news!

My 11 year old daughter started soloing today after 5 1/2 hours in the
saddle. My wife and I are very proud of her. We’ve been going to a local
running track the past two days and she logs about a mile each time,
taking a rest break at the playground every quarter mile. It takes about
an hour, so we call it a day after that.

She’s been just lightly touching the palm of my hand while riding and I
could feel that she had balance- what she calls her, “Zen moments”. So I
started lowering my hand while she was riding and then giving her the
support again before she realized it was gone. Next thing I know she’s
gone! She went about 20-25 feet on her first solo and started averaging
10-15 feet after that (12 jogging steps, my wife counted ;-). It’s
funny, when we taught her to swim she had inflatable arm bands called
floaties. When we thought she had it, we started letting the air out of
them. It’s the same thing with the Unicycle, I just started decreasing
her support and away she went. It’s really cool!

She’s now had a total of 6 1/2 hours is in the saddle, and I just
completed my 5th hour tonight. Tomorrow, I hope my wife can start
spotting me. I really want to nail solo riding and catch up with my
daughter (grin).

(Here’s a toast to my daughter)

Ein Prosit Der Gemutlicheit!
…and for all you Dutchman out there, een Jenever Proost!

Jason in AK

Hip-hip hooray!


Glad to hear that you are having a blast with your new unicycling hobby. It makes the money more than well spent! Congratulations to you and your daughter! I am slightly envious of the whole family unicycling thing. ENJOY! :slight_smile:


AHH… Just as I said… A family that unicycles together stays together.
-David Kaplan

Re: Newbie’s daughter achieves Zen!!

Jason <> wrote in message news:<>…
> Great news!

I taught my daughter Jorga to ride when she was 11 (she got the uni
for her birthday) before I could ride myself, and when she was
soloing, I took it up myself. So I can 100% relate to your
experiences, including the “cheating support” bit. I was sooo proud of
her. This was about two years ago. Yesterday, Jorga and I went out for
a 2 hour MUni ride, we enjoy it thoroughly and make progress every

My younger daughter now rides too (though not as frequently), but my
wife hasn’t seen the light (yet?).

Klaas Bil

Uni Rules!

My daughter is 12 (13 on Friday) and we have experienced the same through our uni-lives. She and I learned together back in late December and now unicycling is something that we celebrate and share. Every Tuesday night we attend our uni club’s practice together and then make an evening of it. On Friday I often slide out of the office (perhaps a tad early) to pick her up and we do a MUni ride together. She now has several of her friends involved the club and their families now, too, are benefiting. This Saturday we are riding together, with several of the club’s members, in a parade. Bill is so very right! We, my daughter and I, have built a rock solid launching pad for her adolescence, in regard to our relationship, her self-confidence and self-esteem. She also has taken a very active leadership role in our club. Whoa! Uni Rules! Unicycling , in such a short time, has played such an important part in her maturation.

jason, congrats on having an 11 year old who uses terms like ‘zen-moments’
it gives a reborn head some hope